Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Worth Every Penny ?

I have had several experiences recently where I have spent money on things that were "wants" and not "needs."  That said, I am convinced that whether something is a want or a need is not the only criteria for whether or not it was wise to spend money on.  A better measurement would be to ask yourself "Did I get a good value for the money I spent?"  In business this boils down to ROI (return on investment), but we often do not think of our ROI on a more personal level.

Here are three recent examples where I realized that my ROI was good, great, or an absolute steal:
 - Landscape Story #1 ... Part of our front yard plan involves removing rocks from several areas and expanding our grass, or installing decorative borders and mulch (around the shrubs, bushes, and tree).  Moving rocks is good, hard, physical labor.  It is rewarding but exhausting.  So in two separate situations, I hired my two oldest sons to clear one section of rock together for $50, and I hired my nephew Alex to move rocks from 3 other sections for $50 each.  Trust me when I say, that $200+ investment was a very good deal.  My back is especially grateful!
 - Music ... While I enjoy "free" anything, including music, there are some songs, artists, or genres that I want access to on a variety of listening devices.  I purchased a six-song EP from my cousin's a capella group, where they cover several recently popular songs.  I have listened to these songs for hours over the past week or two, on neighborhood evening walks with my wife, while working in the yard, and at work while reading business updates.  The $7 has been returned to me in hours of enjoyment as I appreciate the harmonies and unique arrangements of familiar tunes.
 - Lanscape Story #3 ... In order to install sprinklers in our large front easement, I needed to punch a hole under the sidewalk.  This is also a laborious task that sounds much easier than it actually is.  After digging with shovels and shovel-like tools for a few hours, I went to the store and bought a 5-foot piece of 4-inch wide pvc pipe to push through the hole under the sidewalk.  Using a crowbar as a hammer, and some brute force, I was able to finish the tunnel in less than 30 minutes.  That was well worth the $4 it cost for the pvc pipe, even if I never re-use it.

So before you allow yourself to feel good or guilty about spending money on "non-essential" items, just think about the ROI you will get from them.  If it is equal to or greater than the price, I say BUY !!!  :)

Song Of The Day:
It almost seems unfair to pick just one song to share, but it's gotta be "Haven't Met You Yet" by Eclipse.  My cousin James sounds excellent on this one and is featured prominently!  Love this version better than the original!  If you're wondering, my cousin is dropping that beastly bass line (wearing the glasses).


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