Friday, July 5, 2013

What Makes A Good Day Off ?

It has been many, many years since I have taken a true "day off" from work.  This does not mean I have worked every day straight for many years, but time off that I have scheduled away from the office has all been for a designated purpose: family vacation, scout activities, helping someone move, medical or dental appointments, etc.

Today, I was scheduled off with quite literally NO SET PLANS.

And what a glorious day it has been!  :)

Now, my version of a great day off is decidedly different from probably most people in the world.  Let me describe to you what I've done today and you can see if anything on this list fits your version of a great day with no set plans.

The day started later than normal as I was able to sleep in for about an hour (thanks to my sweet wife who made this possible).  I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, during which I read some of the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated (a pretty neat "Where Are They Now?" issue, that includes an update on all the kids from the movie "The Sandlot").

After getting ready for the day, I headed outside and completed about two dozen tasks or projects that have been calling my name for a long time.  During which time, I listened to song after song on Pandora radio on my iPhone.  That alone was very relaxing!  Here are some of the projects / tasks I got done today in just 5 or 6 hours.
 - I cleared out junk from the last junky area of my garage.
 - I insulated the panels, installed sheet rock, and filled the cracks and holes.
 - I organized the remaining sheet rock and assorted items that needed to be kept in the garage.
 - I moved wood, extra insulation, and assorted other items to the backyard shed.
 - I cleaned and folded the landscape fabric I have collected from the rock sections that have been cleared in the front yard.  This included discarding the pieces that were not worth saving to reuse, while separating the other pieces by size (for easy use later when I put rocks back down in the front yard).
 - I piled up the dead weeds, grasses, and bush trimmings on the side yard, to be burned once I have a nice fire pit in the backyard.
 - I cleared and leveled an area behind the back fence where I moved our garbage cans from the garage (this has been bugging me for a LONG time!)
 - I replaced the broken wheel on my wheelbarrow with one from my neighbor.  I plan to return my "almost new" wheelbarrow to him once the moving of rocks is done.
 - I hung camp chairs, an ironing board, two bikes, and assorted swim / snow stuff in the garage.
 - I installed heavy duty hooks to hold both new ladders I got from my parents (an older extension ladder and a 10-foot heavy duty ladder.  They look NICE on the side of the garage, if I do say so myself.
 - I connected and lightly covered with dirt the 4-inch plastic drain pipe on the front of the house ... just before it really started raining!
 - Then I stood in the pouring rain for probably 5 minutes just letting myself get soaked to the bone.  It felt so good after getting hot and sweaty all afternoon.
 - And lastly, I swept out the garage and dry portions of the front driveway.

This evening I will join up with my wife (she has been at the pool with most of our kids, after doing lots of homework for her online classes) and enjoy dinner out with some great friends.  After which, we will get kids in bed and then head over to their home to play some games and hang out.

The hanging out is the icing on the cake to a great "free" day.  It feels like a hard-earned reward for a hard day working on things that I wanted to do and not what someone else asked or told me to do.  I'm not big on sitting around very much, especially when there is stuff to be done.  But when it gets done, I love sitting back and feeling great about being good and productive.

How about you?  Anything from my "great day off" make it on your list?

Song Of The Day:
Today's song is "Great Day To Be Alive" by Travis Tritt.  I've liked this song for many years and it came to mind while writing this post.  His great day is certainly nothing like mine, but the message is that any day can be a great day to be alive.


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