Friday, July 19, 2013

What Do You Think Of The New Master Bedroom ?

I've already blogged about my "To Do List" while I was a temporary bachelor.  But as yet, I was unable to share photos of the main project on that list: painting our master bedroom.

Karen hasn't really been after me to get the room painted, but we've been in the home for over three years now and have lived with a green wall speckled with gold-leaf like foil spots, off-set with white walls filled with holes from nails and screws.

Bottom line: It was time for a change.

So herewith are the pictures, before and after as best as I could manage.  I can post them tonight and then will wait a few days to post the blog and link to Facebook (since Karen gets home tomorrow evening and I want her to see it first).

The BEFORE Pictures
Bay window (plain white before)

Northeast corner (green with gold speckles before)

Northwest corner (white before)

Southwest corner (white before)
(You can see our small patch of test color choices)
The green and gold wall
(AFTER covering with two coats of white paint)

The AFTER Pictures
Northeast corner AFTER

Northwest corner AFTER

Southwest corner AFTER

Southeast corner AFTER
(I was unable to get the same angled
picture of the bay window after the
painting because of the sunlight)
I do not have pictures of the new room set-up, but the bed is now framed by the bay window, where it was against the green and gold speckled (flaky) wall before.  The new layout is much more open and feels like we have a LOT more space (we even have a reading chair in the room now!)  If you want to see it, come on by!  I'd be happy to show it off (especially the perfect tape lines between walls!)  :)

Song Of The Day:
I truly love my sweet wife and have missed her while she has been gone this past week. It was easier to paint with her and the kiddos gone, but I thought of her (and her anticipated reaction) while I spent many hours painting, taping, re-painting, touching up, and then rearranging the room.
To my Pretty Lady, it is true that I would do "Anything For You" (even though Gloria Estefan's song by the same name is more about lost love, the title certainly applies here!)


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