Saturday, July 13, 2013

How Will Man Survive ?

There is a creature that exists only when the moon is just right and the stars align just so.  He lives among us and leads a normal life most of the time.  In fact, you've probably interacted with one of these beings in the last week or so ... and didn't even know it!  No, we're not talking about a werewolf or some mythical creature like that.  This is a living, breathing thing, which scientists and great minds have often wondered about.  The questions are endless.  The answers are just best guesses, because these creatures are generally thought to be of lesser intellect and incapable of more than just a few basic functions.

The creature is simply referred to as: Temporary Bachelor.

Most of the time, this mammal is seen in a habitat surrounded by his tribe or clan.  The make-up of these groupings varies so much that any attempt to define normal parameters would inadvertantly exclude dozens of realistic scenarios.  Suffice it to say, there are always one or more other human beings in this creature's domain ... and the absence of these other people is what triggers the metamorphasis from "Man" or "Husband" or "Father" into "Temporary Bachelor" or TB for short.

In a rare recent sighting of one of these TB's, here is evidence that when left alone, some of these creatures are quite adept at foraging for food.

Note the creative use of different available materials and the surprising success this TB had in using an oven (and he was able to use the proper buttons and features to achieve the desired, and likely tasty, result).

If you come across one of these TBs, do not be alarmed or afraid.  They are generally very docile and most often would accept a kind word or hug.  Just don't ask about their tribe or clan as this may casue a range of reactions that I take no responsibility for.

Song Of The Day:
In honor of these often misunderstood creatures, here is a song by Mat Kearney titled "She Got The Honey"  One repeated portion of the lyrics applies here ... "back to the beginning" ... which is what these unfortunate TBs are forced to deal with when their tribe or clan travels away temporarily.


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