Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is That A Cop ?

Imagine you're driving along the road a few miles over the speed limit.  You're just chilling, listening to your tunes and enjoying the beautiful day.
Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see it.
There's a car ahead and it looks like ... wait, is it? ... aw crap!  It IS!

A police officer.  On the side of the road.  With his or her radar gun pointed at your lanes of traffic.

I am fairly confident I am not the only one who thinks these thoughts, even if I'm doing the speed limit or driving plenty safely.  There is just a fear that overtakes me.  It continues on as I drive past the officer and begin checking my rear view mirrors ... to see if he or she is coming after me!  Again, I do this EVERY time, even if I'm driving properly and have no reason to fear.

Now another scenario, which actually happened to me this morning.

Imagine you are driving along toward your destination, travelling at a few miles over the speed limit.  Out of literally nowhere, another vehicle comes flying up behind you and narrowly misses your rear bumper as they swerve into the next lane (with no blinker of course) to pass you, only to almost hit the front of your car as they swerve right back in front of you ... and slow down just long enough to give you a special salute with his hand.
Then, in the near distance ahead, you see it.  There's a car on the side of the road ahead and it appears to be ... yes, yes it IS!

A police officer.  And he or she just ... flipped on ... their lights!

Justice is served.  I feel no remorse toward my one-fingered friend.  A short distance up the road I avoid the temptation to salute him back and just drive on, a little happier, to my destination.

Song Of The Day:
Okay, okay.  So it is always easy to judge people when they say they like young artists who got their start on a Disney-type TV show.  But I don't care.  Sometimes the songs are just so catchy it's hard not to love them.  Selena Gomez' recent hit is titled "Come And Get It" and the video is plenty racy (so maybe just listen to the music).  But that song was playing on the radio a little while after this aggressive driver got his just desserts.  He came and got his ticket.  Thanks you silly, angry man-child!


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