Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who Do People Expect You To Be ?

Sundays are great days to reflect and ponder on life.  In my house there are not usually "quiet" moments, but Sundays offer the best chances for a few minutes.

Today I have been thinking alot about my relationships with others.  Specifically, I have been reflecting on interactions from the preceding weeks where people around me seemed to expect certain reactions or behaviors from me in specific situations.  In some cases, I met their expectations by acting or being a certain way.  But in others, my actions or opinions seemed to surprise people greatly.  And I began to wonder if I am consistent in who I am and what I believe and how that rationale is implemented across all aspects of my life.

Some questions I asked myself included:
 - What do people count on me for?
 - What do people expect my action or reaction to be in certain circumstances?
 - Are my actions demonstrating my faith and beliefs?
 - Does how I spend my time support what I tell others is important to me?  Or is it contradictory, thus causing them to question my honesty and self-awareness?
And lastly ...
 - How would I live differently if I knew people were watching me and expecting me to handle situations in a certain way?
 - Would it give me strength in difficult situations?
 - Would it provide me with an ability to make wiser choices?

As with many of my posts, I do not have answers.  I only hope to share questions that may be of use to those who read these 'ramblings.'  I think we all can influence and be influenced for good.  Let us take time to reflect on the past and renew our commitments for the future.

Song Of The Day:
Of course I love a cappella music and the song "Take Me As I Am" by Completely Different Note is a great one for this post.  Although the message of the tune is more about learning to love again, the title ties in with the subject of this post.  Apologies for the mediocre recording of this song.


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