Sunday, July 21, 2013

Will I Ever Use Them All ?

I believe everyone has something they collect too much of.  Shoes, CDs, books, amusing anecdotes, photos to scrapbook, office pens, cars ... the list goes on and on.
Think about it and I'm sure in just a minute or two you'll find your own example.

For the purposes of this post, I will share just ONE of my many never going to justify having all of these collections:  screws and nails.

Not to be confused with 'pins and needles', my collection of screws and nails rivals a small hardware store.  Certainly I cannot compete with Lowe's or Home Depot's selection, but it became evident this past week that I have more than I will ever use ... in my life!

This isn't even 1/3 of my collection ... whew!

At least half of my collection was a recent inheritance from my father, who decided (in his move to Arizona) that he just didn't need to lug these heavy, poorly organized containers of screws, nails, bolts, nuts, washers, and other assorted hardware.  So, not wanting good quality items to go to waste, I took them off his hands and they have sat in my garage for a few months waiting to be better organized (for presumed easy use at some unpredictable later date).  It took several hours, but I have now separated the various items into styles, sizes, lengths, shapes, purposes, and other categories that only I will ever appreciate.

Now I need to find a reason to use them ... project ideas anyone ?

Song Of The Day:
Start the mocking now, but since the song itself has been so overused in movies, tv shows, commercials, etc. my song today is "Endless Love" but not the original version.  I much prefer the more recent version by Lionel Richie featuring Shania Twain.  I just like the more reggae and soft drum opening feel of this one.


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