Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wait, What Time Is It ?

At the top of my To Do list for this weekend and coming week was painting our master bedroom.  We chose two colors: a nice purple and a tan/brown color.  But as I've mentioned before, projects usually have several steps and painting is no different.

One wall in our bedroom had been painted when we bought the house.  And the previous owners had done something with gold, silver, and bronze mixed foil-like etching on that wall.  So I had to scrape and scratch and wipe off those flecks of color before I could put a base coat of white paint BEFORE I could paint the new color.  And then there are always the tasks of removing pictures and furniture, patching holes and taping edges ... so many edges.

You can see the "flecks" of foil-like stuff on that green wall.

I was very industrious yesterday and got ALL of the above done, except painting the new color on that wall.  It was a late night, but I was energized by the progress and woke up early this morning to jump right into painting the first color around the room.  And that's when I goofed.

And here is that wall all "white"
(you can also see a portion of the tan/brown)
You see, church starts at 11:00am.  I know this.  It's that way every week (this year anyway).  But somehow, in my head, I had it that I needed to be to church at 1:00pm!  So as it got closer to 11:00am I was happily painting some of the last touch up areas and thought "I'm doing great!  Way ahead of schedule for what I planned.  I'll be to church early.  Life is good."

At approximately 11:23am reality set in.  I don't know what set it off but I realized I was LATE.  Fortunately I was at a good stopping point, but it was still a frantic rush to shave, shower, clean off paint brushes, and skedaddle on over to the building in time for Sunday School.

Sigh.  I just hate it when that happens.  Oh well.  :)

Song Of The Day:
If only for the line "get me to the church on time" I had no choice but to use David Bowie's "Modern Love" as the song today.  Classic tune.  Totally fits today.


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