Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do We Remember To Say Thank You ?

I know several of my recent posts have had a more negative or frustrated tone, which is probably why I found myself in a very reflective mood today.  Sundays are always great for reflecting on life.

Today my thoughts were centered around gratitude for people who have graciously sacrificied their most precious commodity (time) on behalf of me or others I care about.  Just one brief example should illustrate my point.

Yesterday, Trent V (our troop Scoutmaster), spent almost his entire day (before 7:00am until after 7:00pm) supporting our Boy Scouts.  Now I was there too, and I drove, etc. BUT there is a big difference here.  Trent doesn't have a son in our troop.  In fact, Trent has no real obligation to support these scouts, other than his own desires to serve other people and help these boys learn how to be successful men (husbands, fathers, adults, etc.)

Let me be clear here.  For scout leaders or other adults there is literally NOTHING to do at camp all day long!

There is no wifi or internet.  In fact, most of our phones were out of range, so you cannot even make calls or communicate with others outside the camp area.  Unless you want to learn about whatever merit badge one of the boys is learning about, it is just a lot of sitting and trying to stay cool and not get eaten alive by mosquitos or other bugs.

Trent did the best he could to put his time to good use (planning a lesson for church, catching up on some reading, taking a hike on the LONG nature trail - he did NOT expect it to be as long as it was), but at the end of the day it was mostly just a lost day.

I know I thanked him for being there, but I wonder if I really showed enough gratitude for his sacrifice of time.  And this is just one example.  There are many others I need to make sure know I appreciate their time and effort.

Song Of The Day:
I was unable to find the song "On A Hopeful Note" by John Jarvis on YouTube.  It is a very uplifting piece of music that fits perfectly with this post.  BUT ... I did find "A Perfect Rain" and it is a nice substitute!  :)


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