Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Do You Attack An Oncoming Cold ?

There you sit, enjoying the day, when all of a sudden you get that tingling feeling.  It could be a scratchy throat that doesn't go away quick enough.  Maybe it's a sneeze that forces you to use two tissues afterward.  Or perhaps your head just starts to feel cloudy or congested.

NO !!!

Here comes a cold, but I will not allow this to happen!  I do not want to be sick!  I am unwilling to waste my precious time off from work!  I don't want to go through a box of tissues a day or not be able to taste my food!  This is NOT happening!  Time to take preventive action!

Isn't everyone just full of helpful
advice when you start to feel ill?!
I have friends who swear by their Neti pots and others who use Emergen C in these situations.  At one point in my life, I would aggressively ingest massive quantities of orange juice and double my normal hand-washing practices.
These all have their place, but lately I have one preferred method for combating an oncoming cold: increased physical activity.

Tonight I felt the first hint of a cold (coupled with allergies, which always complicates things), and so I ramped up my physical activity.  I coerced my oldest son into helping me sift the last of the rock pile in the front yard ... and then further coerced him into taking MANY wheelbarrows of dirt from the front to the back yard.  This was thoroughly exhausting (my son and I both agreed) ... but it wasn't enough!  So I went and played 90 minutes of basketball (3 on 3) and really got my sweat on.

There is just something about physical activity that always makes me feel like I can beat this cold down until it doesn't dare show up again.  #feelingincontrol  :)

Song Of The Day:
I haven't heard the song "Smile" by the artist Vitamin C in way too long.  So it certainly fits here, both for her name and the fact that winning a battle against a cold certainly makes me smile!


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