Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What The ... ?

This past Sunday, while watching my youngest son (Spencer, 7 months old) wiggle on the floor during Sacrament Meeting. I noticed that he kept fidgeting with his pacifier.  He is a very happy baby 99% of the time, but he was getting a little frustrated.  I resisted the urge to just fix things and put the pacifier properly in his mouth.

And I'm glad I did because, apparently, I would have done it wrong!

Here is how he wanted it in his mouth.

I would have never guessed that that was what would return the smile to his face!

Song Of The Day:
I have chosen the song "The Only Exception" by Paramore for this post based on a few different reasons.  One, Spencer's preferred pacifier placement in this situation is certainly the only exception I have seen to the standard use of these thumb replacements.  Two, I heard this song again today and remembered I wanted to use it in a post.  Three, this is a love song, and it made me think of my love of my kids, especially when they just do their own cute, unique things like this.


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