Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Do You Do With Charcoal Waste ?

Happy 4th of July 2013!

On this day of grilling (arguably the most American grilling day ever!), I simple pose the question, to which I have no answer, nor have a researched it, nor do I plan to research it, as stated in the blog post title.

I prefer charcoal grilling to propane, if only to appease the pyromaniac in me.  Others can argue all they want about the taste or the cost or the clean-up or the time it takes.  I've got a nice charcoal grill and I like using lighter fluid.  I like the smell of charcoal.  I like my charcoal cylinder (a must have if you plan to grill as often as I do).

I do not like the charcoal waste, if only because I do not know what to properly do with it.  Do I just bag it after it cools and throw it in the trash?  Can it be used for some greater purpose?  Yard or garden fertilizer?  Special effects in a low-budget movie where you need a cloud of smoke-looking "poof" effect?

Just wondering ...

Song Of The Day:
The word "Phoenix" refers to rising from the ashes and this song by Brandeis University's Voicemale a cappella group is a perfectly suited tune for the day and subject matter of this post.  Plus it is just an absolutely amazing song!

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