Monday, March 31, 2014

Who Knew It Was A Real Product ?!

A year or two ago, Karen and I watched every episode of Monk on Netflix.  I've already blogged about the show itself, but I recently had an experience that took me back to that show.

If you've never seen it, I certainly recommend it.  The title character has some serious OCD issues, one of which has to do with the kind of bottled water he drinks.  In many episodes he finds himself in situations where bottled water is being offered, and he declines unless they have his favorite (only acceptable) kind available.  The name of that brand: Sierra Springs.

Similar to any television show, I presumed this was a made-up brand name.  That is until I noticed the name on the plastic bottle I use to water some of our many house plants.  Sierra Springs!

Song Of The Day:
Of the many available water themed songs I could have picked, I landed on "Waterfalls" by TLC for this post.
Because there is a line in the song that goes just stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to.  I think Monk would have liked that lyric.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Court To Ice?

One of the coolest things to see at the Denver Nuggets Scout Sleepover was the transformation of the basketball court into the ice rink for the following day's Colorado Avalanche game.

I neglected to take enough pictures of the middle of the transformation, but I got the beginning, absolute middle, and end from a similar vantage point.

Most people likely have no awareness of the changes in the seating that go along with this transformation.  Along each end of the court, there were dozens of rows of folding chairs that had to be picked up and taken off to store somewhere in the arena.  Then there were metal risers that were broken down into sections and also carted off to storage.  There are yet more sections of folding chairs in the main seating areas, which (when removed) convert into the opening and hallway connecting the ice and the locker rooms.  Although I didn't capture the changes in photos, it was fun to observe in person.

Song Of The Day:
Speaking of a "Cool Change" here is that titled song by the Little River Band.  I've heard several other versions through the years, but really like this one.  I know it really has nothing to do with transformation of a court to an ice rink, but at least the title fits this post!  :)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Boy Scout Sleepover ?

Several weeks ago I received an email from the Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  I get emails periodically from them, mostly with updates regarding Council news and upcoming camps.  But this one was different.  This one contained information regarding a "Boy Scout sleepover" at the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets.

For a reduced ticket price of admission, any attendees would get to participate in the sleepover, including a few other events: shooting baskets on the floor after the game, watching a movie on the giant big screen above the court, sleeping on the club level overnight, and enjoying some late night snacks and then donuts and juice in the morning.

Of course I purchased tickets for my two Boy Scout sons, and I was able to get two additional tickets for my friend Aaron and his son Nicholas.  Together the 5 of us enjoyed a great evening of professional basketball (so what if the #1 team in the NBA beat the Nuggets like they were high school players), some card games, and fun conversations.  We also learned some valuable lessons for the next time including where to try and "camp" as a group (there are four "open" boxes that face the court/ice, as well as a restaurant area where they turn the lights off at night - the rest of the club level was lit up as bright as could be ALL NIGHT LONG which made sleeping a tough endeavor).

We all also got a special patch for the boys' sashes.  I think it's pretty cool, and certainly one that none of the other boys in their troop will have.

Song Of The Day:
The pictures above tell plenty of other stories, but I saved one to include here because it goes specifically with today's song.  "Good Morning" from the movie Singin' In The Rain is probably more about the amazing dancing, but the phrase it's great to stay up late, good morning, good morning to you was running through my mind as I walked around the arena in the early morning hours ...
and subsequently snapped this photo of the sunrise.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are You Committed Or Just Interested ?

How is it that some people just get things done while others merely talk about it or wish for it?  What makes the difference?  Is there some innate reason?  Some biological factor?  Or is it a matter of the situation and the support being provided?  Is there an intellectual or experiential influence?  Is it a learned behavior or skill?  Or is it something you either have or you don't have?

In the end, it is a matter of commitment.

Pick a story of some amazing success you read or heard about.  You may find it in the world of business perhaps, or maybe an extreme personal change, such as weight loss or physical fitness.  Now think of a few more stories, either in that same genre or in another area of human success.  Consider the important elements of each story and you will begin to see a pattern emerge.  While some individual factors apply some of the time, the concept of deeply rooted personal commitment to the "project" at hand will occur in ALL of them.

So I pose today's blog post title question as a method of allowing self-reflection and personal honesty.  Consider your most recent personal goal(s).  If you haven't achieved them yet but should have, can you honestly say that you have this deeply rooted personal commitment to reaching that goal?  Or are you just interested in seeing that project to completion, which suggests the influence of what is convenient or easy will eventually stop you from reaching that goal?

I hear people complain all the time about their goals not being met.  "I can't seem to lose this weight"  "If I could just get better organized"  "I need to finish my degree"  "I never have time for a vacation"  "I wish I could get that promotion"  Sadly, each of these situations involves a person who has not accepted the fact that they do not yet (I'm an eternal optimist in that I believe anyone can change) have the commitment to really achieve that goal.  There remain only two choices: 1. make that true commitment or 2. set a different goal that you can commit to.

Stop allowing your inner voice to excuse yourself from progress on goals.  Reject the notion that circumstances have kept you from whatever you are seeking to accomplish.  Find a way to make that commitment or stop holding yourself accountable to achieve it.

Here's a secret: When you finally commit to the goal, NOTHING can stop you from getting there.  Nothing, that is, but your own decision not to achieve it.

Song Of The Day:
So many people try to convince themselves that others are responsible for their lack of progress or success in a particular area.  Even though I can be one of those people at times, I am annoyed by those who constantly live in this make excuses world.  I know the message in the song "Timshel" is more about losing someone close to you, but the phrases "you have your choices and these are what make men great, his ladder to the stars" and "I can't move the mountain for you" make me think of the individual commitment that is needed to really progress toward goals.
Originally sung by Mumford and Sons, I really like the a capella version by the Tufts Beelzebubs.  The video quality in the version linked above is mediocre, but the song on Spotify is amazing!


Friday, March 21, 2014

That's A Best Picture Nominee ?

This evening my wife and I settled in to view a movie we had recently heard a lot about and decided we should finally watch.  This movie was one of ten films to receive an Academy Award nomination for best picture this year.  Needless to say, our expectations were reasonably high.

I learned two things after watching Gravity:
First, I have no idea what constitutes a "best picture" any longer.
Second, I am thankful my wife agrees with me (she has no idea what constitutes a "best picture" any longer either).

Song Of The Day:
One exceptionally perfect thing that came from watching the film is that it provides a perfect tie in for me to feature a recent song that I simply LOVE!  In fact, I love it so much that you get TWO versions for the price of reading ONE (short) blog post.
"Say Something" is originally performed by A Great Big World (featuring Christina Aguilera) but this a capella version by Pentatonix is absolutely amazing in it's own right.
SPOILER ALERT:  The perfect tie in is found in the lyrics "say something I'm giving up on you" which would have been a perfect phrase to hear Sandra Bullock's character utter to George Clooney's character as he floats off into space.  At that point their intercoms are the only method of connection between them and she begins to lose sight and sound of him.  If he could just say something she wouldn't have to give up on him


Thursday, March 20, 2014

They Forgot MY Sandwich ?!

Editor's Note: This post was originally written over a year ago and somehow I never got it posted to the blog.  So I'm invoking #TbT (Throwback Thursday) and sharing it today.

Despite the negative sounding tone of the title to this post, the experience I recently had with Jason's Deli here on the north side of Colorado Springs was absolutely wonderful!

This year, my work team decided to use our Year End Event "food funds" (roughly $10 per person) to order individual sandwiches / lunch entrees from Jason's Deli.  I have to admit that the "catered food" I have had from this establishment in the past (box lunches during all day leadership training classes) had left me with a mediocre feeling about this place.  It's not that the food was bad, it just wasn't "amazing" like everyone told me it would be.

So we placed the order for our food and I picked it up at the restaurant just before our team meeting / luncheon.  The service at the counter was great and the food was all packaged perfectly!  There were napkins and utensils (for those with soup or salads) and the waitress (I'm not sure what her title actually was) helped me load the three VERY large bags in my car.

It was not until I arrived back at work and set out all the food that I realized ... we were missing ONE sandwich order.  I was very pleased (and I honestly mean that) to find out that it was my sandwich that was missing.

As the Supervisor of the team (and the person filling the first 20 minutes of the meeting so others could eat while I talked) I was not really bothered much at all about the loss of my food.  My team was distraught, but I quickly kept the agenda moving so we could just enjoy our time together (over half my team works from home so it is rare when we actually get together to see each other).

Much later that day I sent an e-mail to our R and R Coordinator (they handled the actual puchase of the food and placement of the order) to thank her for the help and tell her how great our Team Year-End Event was.  I also mentioned the missing sandwich, not as a complaint but just so she would know about it.  The next day she informed me that she had called and spoken with a Manager, who apologized profusely and promised to make amends.

I am extremely pleased to report that I am now the recipient of TWO $10 gift card vouchers for free meal(s) at Jason's Deli.  Color me impressed!  I did not expect, nor was I asking for some compensation ... but I can guarantee you that this one simple (and relatively inexpensive for them) act of apology has endeared me to that restaurant for life!

Excellent job Jason's Deli!

Song Of The Day:
Today's song is also a throwback, and it barely fits for this post, but I love this song by Edwin McCain and surprisingly I haven't ever featured it before.  So enjoy "I'll Be" because that was kind of my reaction when I got the gift cards ... well, I'll be.  :)


Monday, March 17, 2014

How Do I Decide ?

Life presents us with an infinite number of choices.  Almost every decision has numerous choices or options.  Which choice is right?  Which choice will make me happy?  Which choice will give me more fulfillment?  And most importantly, how do I know which option to choose?

I have been pondering on this for a while and have recently had several conversations that have brought me some clarity around this important question.  These conversations areand feel good about their decision.
 likely an answer to personal prayer, although I have yet to apply the lesson for myself.  Instead, I have simply been fortunate enough to share this thought process with people close to me as they ponder their own important decisions ... and it seems to have helped each of them to commit to a choice

It all begins with defining your core goal.

What, above all else, do you want to accomplish with this decision?

If you can define that core goal, then everything becomes easier to decide between.  I'll use a simple example to make my point.  If your core goal is to lose 5 pounds, then EVERY decision you make (from what to eat, when to eat, whether or not you exercise, etc.) is influenced or compared against that core goal.  You'll find it much easier to have the strength to avoid eating that piece of chocolate if you're truly committed to your core goal.

But how do I define my core goal?  I don't really know what main accomplishment I want to achieve in this situation.

Begin by listing those things which are important to you.  Think broadly.  Consider your bigger goals (think "life's worth" or "legacy" if that helps).  Then bring it down to two or three possible core goals.  Using the earlier example, your goal options could have been: lose weight, have more energy, or live longer through healthier eating.  Once you have that list, create a theoretical situation where you have to pick one over the others and decide what you would choose if that scenario were really happening (example: I could take diet pills to lose lots of weight ... but ... one of the side effects is less energy).  Through a relatively simple process of elimination, you'll find that one core goal always "wins" against the other goals.

This doesn't mean the other goals aren't important, but it allows you to make the majority of your decisions based on the impact to the core goal.  Almost nothing will be sacrificed related to that core goal, but your other goals can be moved to the back burner if there is ever a conflict between those priorities.  This allows you to feel good about all the little decisions that will come up later.  If you find yourself questioning your core goal too often at some point in the future, then you likely need to revisit the initial exercise and re-define your true core goal.

I would suggest that this process is not independent of your other considerations in making decisions.  I certainly advocate involving a higher power through prayer or meditation, but I also believe you will get a better answer if you've reasoned through your choices and instead of asking what to do you are asking for confirmation of the decision you have chosen.  As a parent, I am much more likely to provide comforting support to one of my children if I can tell they have really contemplated their choices and put some real effort into their preferred final decision.

Song Of The Day:
The audio quality on the youtube link is not as great, but the a capella version of "All These Things That I've Done" is fantastic on Spotify.  Sung by Boston University In Achord, this version is every bit as good as the original (linked HERE) by the Killers.  I personally prefer the a capella version, but I've shared both because people have different tastes.  The tie in with the post today is the lyrics saying "you've gotta help me out" and "you're gonna bring yourself down" although they also sing of being put on the back-burner.  Anyway, I think about choices we make and how we often seek help from others and we don't want to bring ourselves down later with stress over poorly thought out decisions.  It's also completely okay to put something else on the "back burner" if it is not as important.  In fact, you'll likely be unhappy on some level until you do prioritize to your core goal (or goals).


Monday, March 10, 2014

Want Me To Grill?

It was absolutely gorgeous in Colorado Springs today.  So warm and beautiful in fact that Karen suggested I fire up the grill (charcoal for us Cases) and she bought buns at the store for the kids' hot dogs.

I love my charcoal grill and have been getting better and better at cooking up tasty steaks (and burgers and hot dogs, etc.)  I am not bragging at all, as I am certain there are tens of thousands of better grill masters than myself.  I mention my comfort with steaks, burgers, and hot dogs because I am absolutely NOT comfortable enough to cook chicken or seafood yet, although I love both.

I am sure that this summer I will venture out of my comfort zone and add to the list of things I can grill, but for now I think we'll enjoy our steaks, burgers, and hot dogs.

Song Of The Day:
I recently heard the song "Try" by P!nk on the radio and it fits with this post ... because I really should just try to cook other things on the grill sometime.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Wrote A Post About WHAT ?!

This post is indeed about sex.

I'll clarify that for my purposes I am referring very specifically to sex between a man and woman who are legally and lawfully wedded to one another.

Sex is beautiful. Sex is fun. Sex is essential for a healthy marriage. Sex is sacred and special, but it doesn't have to be so secretive. Sex in a marriage should be about more than just procreation.

I love and appreciate all my parents taught me growing up, but there were never any open discussions about sex. My siblings and I all joked, when we got older, that with three September birthdays, we knew dad "got lucky" around Christmas or New Years. My older brother is the lone July birthday (go ahead and make your own pun about celebrating Labor Day).

Sometimes sex just fixes things. It reassures each partner of love and affection from their spouse. It can be a selfless act of service. Make Up sex has the power to sooth over hurt feelings and clear the clutter of emotions or extreme logic from a wife or husband. The acts of foreplay before and cuddling after, produce physical and emotional feelings of closeness and connectivity. This is essential in a healthy marriage.

With 7 kids, I often get questioned by unintentionally rude people who ask "do you know how that happens?" Well yes, of course I do.  I usually just laugh it off, but I really want to suggest that they reconsider if they are engaging in that experience as a couple as often as they ought to be.  Sometimes jealousy comes out of our mouths as mockery of others.

If any of my children are reading this now (or perefrably in future years once you are married yourself), please take this advice in the right context. Talk with your spouse about sex. Ask questions to understand how to support their preferences; including frequency, foreplay, timing, positions, who initiates, bedroom talk, fantasies, and anything else that might come up.

It is nearly impossible to have a heathy relationship of any kind without open communication. Add in the nuances around sex and you can almost guarantee failure or sadness in a marriage if you don't communicate openly and honestly about it.

To be clear, but not crude, I love my wife and am grateful for her open communications about all things in our marriage, including sex.  I hope this post does not offend anyone.  The subject has come up in my mind as something worth writing about far too often for me to continue skipping over it.  If we could talk more openly about the positive attributes of a healthy sexual relationship, I think the world wouldn't be so focused on all the negatives surrounding it.  Sometimes evil or carnal things seem to win because good or spiritual refuses to speak up.

Song(s) Of The Day:
There are plenty of songs about sex out there, and most are written from a vulgar perspective.  That is sad because sex really is a wonderful thing.  I know it is a part of God's plan for us on this earth, and it can be a very spiritual experience if approached with respect and true love, not just lustful or carnal desires.
There are no song links in this post (you can youtube search on your own because I don't know what the videos might display that could turn any of these songs from useful to degrading or basal).  I love the following tunes related to a healthy sexual relationship (again, I stress that my beliefs are that this is between a man and a woman who are legally and lawfully wedded):  "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye, "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt 'N Pepa, "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael, and "I'll Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men.
If you listen to the words of these songs in the right frame of mind each one of these expresses important truths about a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where Do You Invest Your Energy ?

A common occurence in most workplaces is a Performance Review process.  The boss or supervisor or manager or owner puts together a review of an individual employee's performance.  The expectations of the individual performer's job duties are often restated and clarified in this process and the author of the review (boss et. al.) provides details about their assessment of the individual's performance during a specificed period of time (month, quarter, annual, etc.)

I have had countless reviews in my work career.  I have these reviews currently (at least semi-annually) but have also been through a similar experience in all of my other jobs, including my high school fast food working experience.

I have found one thing to be true about them regardless of my role, my "boss", my company, or even my performance: if approached appropriately by the receiver of the review, they provide insight and clarity on where to invest future efforts and energy in that situation, role, etc.  Sadly, the opposite is also equally true: if approached in the wrong way, the receiver of the review can find any number of things to grumble about and can use the review to further degrade their own performance and justify their actions in their own mind.

I prefer to enter each review I receive with the goal of achieving greater understanding of my boss' expectations of me and clarity around whether certain efforts I have made were actually worth the energy I invested in them.  This approach leads me to make adjustments in my own efforts (eliminating energy spent in areas that do not add value to my overall rating) and gain a greater understanding of how my role impacts larger business goals or results (and then I invest more energy in areas that carry greater weight in my evaluation).  This allows me to take an otherwise demotivating evaluation and with a few simple adjustments on my part, turn the experience into a very positive one.

It is liberating to find areas where you can stop "wasting your time" related to your performance.  If certain efforts do not really provide value (whether that is a grand truth or just the perspective of your "boss" is irrelevant) then why continue doing them?  A more productive use of time is to pay attention to what is important and invest your energy in those areas.  If you've ever felt that your efforts went unnoticed or unappreciated, it could just as easily be your own misinterpretation of what has real value from your current role or current boss' perspective.

Nothing is more disappointing than wasted energy and effort.  So make it count by making sure your energy isn't being invested in less valued areas.  You'll be glad you did!

Song Of the Day:
It's a throwback to the 80's with one of my favorite techno hits by Information Society.  As soon as you hear that start of "What's On Your Mind" you will immediately remember the chorus, which refers to pure energy and that is my tie in to today's post.  It's good to know what your boss is thinking, if only so you can adjust your use of the time and energy you have in areas that are viewed more positively with your role.  Turn it up and enjoy the keyboard solo in the middle of the song!


Friday, March 7, 2014

How Could This Get Any Worse?

First Denver Nuggets game experience - Post #6

While stuck in the traffic jam mentioned in a prior blog post, I watched a woman slide her car right into the back of a police car.  This occurred while the officer was tapping on the driver's window to "wake her up" or "get her attention" or "check on her well being."

I doubt the lady was drunk or high, but her state of mental capacity may have been diminshed due to the exhaust fumes from all the cars ... I know I had to roll the window down to get some fresh air from above.  I felt nauseous after the first 30 minutes of crawling traffic and noxious congested air.

I felt bad for this driver, because I am certain the collision was a true "accident" but it also made a bad traffic situation worse, as the officer had to radio for backup and there began to be another slow crawl of drivers past yet another crime scene.  Thankfully it was just a few minutes after this that the traffic opened up and it was smooth sailing all the way home.

Song Of The Day:
I am sharing two versions of today's song because I love them both.  Michael Jackson's original "Smooth Criminal" is amazing (especially the legendary video including the impossible lean dance move).  But giving credit where credit is due, Alien Ant Farm's reinvention is equally enjoyable.  Listen to it HERE.
The refrain of "are you okay?" in the song is the main reason I paired it with this post.  I am certain the driver wasn't really okay and it is even more sad that things went from bad to worse as the police officer was trying to help her.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Was That The Garage Door ?

This picture is from nearly a year ago,
but I love his smile in it!  :)
Without fail, my "little guy" (Spencer) runs to the door to greet me whenever I come home from work.  He has even woken up from a nap when he hears the garage door open, seemingly just to smile and say "Up-pa, up-pa" so I can lift him for a hug.  I simply love this!

Today's Song Of The Day is titled "Unconditionally" and is performed by Katy Perry.  I heard the song many months ago and was sure it would be a big hit ... but it seems to have been overshadowed by the popularity of her song "Roar" (which is a great song, don't get me wrong).  That's too bad, because this song is applicable to so many scenarios.  But lately I think about my children's unconditional love for me, and mine for them, when I hear this song.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Do You Do During A Traffic Jam?

First Denver Nuggets game experience - Post #5

Right off the bat you should be asking yourself "What does a traffic jam have to do with a Denver Nuggets game?" and then you'll find yourself realizing how silly that question sounds.  Of course there will be traffic congestion around a professional sporting event.

Then you'll probably wonder "You just sit in a traffic jam right?!  It's not like you can do much ... especially if you're driving, right?!" ... and now my mom (and probably my wife) will be worried that I wasn't just focused on driving during the traffic jam.

Here's the deal.  On the way back from the game, I hit an absolute standstill of traffic on southbound I-25.  The cars were literally not even moving for minutes on end.  At one point, I know there was no movement for at least 20 minutes, which could be terribly frustrating.  My personal solution (besides sending a few text messages to my wife and my buddy Aaron) was to work on a crossword puzzle from the USA Today app on my iPad (see photo below).

Although traffic can make anyone tense, I found that working on the crossword puzzle helped me to relax and forget about the fact that I was not going to be home until the week hours of the morning (it ended up being around 1:30am when I got home).

I obviously do not recommend texting or playing a game on any electronic device while driving, but in a pinch when the traffic literally isn't moving for minutes at a time, this puzzle was a sanity-saver.

Song Of The Day:
When I think of expanded vocabularies (an benefit of completing crossword puzzles) I think of the TV show Frasier, but I also think of Weird Al Yankovic.  His song "Traffic Jam" is both hilarious and demonstrates his vocabulary and wit.  Of course my favorite part is the nearly excessive repetition of the phrase "bumper to bumper" ... because when you think about it, that is NOT an exaggeration.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's In The Box ?

This afternoon I received a suspicious package at my desk at work.  I hadn't ordered anything.  I wasn't aware that anything had been ordered on my behalf.  The only indication of any sort was the name of one of my co-workers listed on the bottom of the outside label invoice.

So I opened the package and this is what I found:

A little back story is relevant here.  In the past 6 months at work, I have effectively left my former team behind.  Those team members that work in the office moved to a new Supervisor's team around September.  Those that work from home remained with me, until the start of this week when they too moved to different Supervisors.  My role shifted to entirely focusing on our Sales New Hire and Academy (on the job call handling training) process and work group.  I hope this helps explain the message from the team on the card in the picture above.

I am not a very emotional man, but I do believe that I develop lasting relationships with people that are important to me.  Some of these employees worked with me directly for a half-decade or more, most of them for at least 3-4 years.  Monthly meetings, individual coaching sessions, conversations about a myriad of things, and having gone through some major organizational changes together forges bonds beyond just working together.

I was so appreciative of their thoughtfulness and grateful for the time we had working so closely together.  I certainly hope we will be able to maintain at least a portion of our relationship (and I'm grateful for Facebook allowing us to be connected outside of work, which often makes it easier to stay in touch) .

Song Of The Day:
I am not willing to say "goodbye" especially when no one is gone but we are just separated a little more than we used to be due to assignment changes.  So "This Ain't Goodbye" by Train, which is possibly my favorite song on that excellent CD, is my song of choice for this post.  If any of those former teammates read this post, let it be known that this ain't goodbye ... we're still co-workers and friends and I will only miss seeing and talking to you as often ... but the relationship(s) are not over!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Where's The Trash Can ?

Some years ago, I noticed that my brother-in-law had a cool trash can holder.  It was a specially made wooden contraption that held the kitchen trash can inside it, thus keeping the smells inside and little kids' hands outside of the garbage.

In typically Josh fashion, I decided to construct my own trash can holder.  After studying the design I built one out of scrap wood (mostly particle board), and we used it for a year or two before it basically came apart at the seams.  I promised Karen (and myself) that I would re-build it ... and then somehow 5 to 7 years went by and we still had no trash can holder.

Enter Spencer's grabby hands (and smelly diapers) and I found inspiration and commitment to revisiting this oft overlooked project.

So over these past few weeks, I have constructed version 2.0 of our trash can holder.  Today I *finished it, including routing some edges, sanding, cleaning, staining and re-assembling.  So I figured I'd share some pictures in my blog.
*I still want to put a coat of polyurethane on the exterior so it will last longer.

The most fun part has been watching the kids go to throw things away where the trash can used to be only to realize it isn't there anymore!  But even with the extra trips to the new location, everyone seems pretty happy with the trash can holder.
I'm just glad it's done!  :)

Song Of The Day:
Thank goodness for the group Garbage and their song "The World Is Not Enough" or I might have had a hard time finding a tie-in song for today's post.  It's not my favorite James Bond theme at all, but at least it doesn't suck and the group name works for my trash can post.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who's Thinking About Insurance Right Now?

First Denver Nuggets game experience - Post #4

I continue to love working at Progressive ... and I have plenty of confidence in our advertising geniuses ... but I sometimes wonder how certain promotions or advertisements can be effective.

Take for instance, the following signage at the Nuggets game.

I am certain the placement is more focused on the exposure to a TV audience than people at the arena, because who is thinking about insurance needs while at an NBA game?  I would guess that number is close to zero if not already there.  If not, I have to wonder who goes to an NBA game and finds themselves so lost in thought that they consider their insurance needs?

Song Of the Day:
I'm a pretty big fan of Jason Mraz's lyrical creativity, but some of his songs are more about the tune than just the words.  I'm featuring "Absolutely Zero" here, as my answer to the blog post title question, but it's a great song besides the fact that it fits nicely here.  Just because music is melancholy doesn't mean it has no place in my otherwise peppy and upbeat musical catalog.  Sometimes a brooding tune is just what you need to hear.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Which Is It ?

Sometimes I am confused.  My default in these situations is to ask questions (if you don't know this then you've probably never read my blog before).  But sadly, there remain many times when asking questions still doesn't get you the answer you're really looking for.  And after a while, it feels futile to continue asking for clarification, so you just have to accept what information you do have and hope for the best.

There is a difference between being an integral part to a grander plan and just being in the right place at the right time.  Being an integral part means that plans are molded around you, at least in some way.  You are essential.  You are needed.  Without you the plan may succeed, but likely not as well.  Being in the right place at the right time is good, but it is not reassuring at all.  You could, after all, have just as easily not been in the right place or the right time and therefore just as easily missed this opportunity to play a part in some bigger plan.

Either way, I think the more important part is knowing which one you are.

If you think you're "an integral part," but you're really not, then you're setting yourself up for disappointment later when reality sets in.
If you think you're just "in the right place at the right time," but you are actually an integral part, then you might not be as committed to the plan, because it isn't really about you only to find out later it was any you missed a big opportunity.

And that's my lead-in for using "Blurred Lines" as the Song Of The Day in today's post.  I've loved this song since I first heard it (not so much the lyrics or the video, but the melody and tune itself) and Robin Thicke is very talented.  The "integral part" and "right place, right time" possibilities are some blurred lines that I wish I had clarity on right now, but I don't.  So I'll just sing along and hope for the best.