Monday, July 15, 2013

Are You A Security Guard Or Something ?

Our first "seats" had a great view of the stage,
but quickly got blocked by "standers"
Standing with my arms folded at the very back of the second lawn area at Fiddler's Green in Centennial, CO and wearing a dark black windshirt, I can understand why I was asked that question by a woman who had clearly enjoyed MORE than just music at the Goo Goo Dolls / Matchbox 20 concert that my little brother Jordan joined me for.

At one point, right near dusk, the lights made
it look like the stage was on fire!
It was the conversation that followed and her deadpan impression of me (and probably had a little to do with how close she was to my personal space), which led Jordan and I to slowly meander in the direction opposite her merry band of mixed-drink minstrels.

I have been around quite a few inebriated people in my life, despite my own no-alcohol status.  Vitually all people, when drunk, say and do things that they don't do when they are sober.  Sometimes it's funny.  Sometimes it's angry.  But most times, in my opinion anyway, it's just a little sad.  Yes this is me being judgmental and you can think less of me if you wish (but then you'll be judging me so there's that to keep in mind).

This purple color was only a theme for a few minutes,
but it was my favorite stage setting of the evening!
Many of my work friends enjoy alcohol in their free time, and I believe most of them know how to handle themselves when imbibing.  My concern is when people feel they must drink in order to really enjoy themselves.  That's the part I find sad.  This concert was pretty great, with some very talented artists and an absolutely perfect evening weather wise, to enjoy the venue.  Those people who needed some liquid accelerant to enjoy the experience missed out on an already fantastic night.

Thanks Jordan for coming with me, for laughing with me, for letting me dominate our slug-bug wars (driving and walking), and for switching places with me when Ms Slursherwords was getting uncomfortably close!

Song(s) Of The Day:
There is no way I can pick just one song from these two great groups to represent the awesome concert.  So here are studio versions of my favorite three (they were all even better in person).
First, here are "Rebel Beat" and "Come To Me" by the Goo Goo Dolls.  And then here is "I Will" by Matchbox 20.  Sooo many great songs, this is just a taste.  Enjoy!


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