Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can We Not Afford TWO Doors That Work ?

At work today I was able to resume entering the doors that are located closest to my desk.  They had been inaccessible for the better part of two weeks as the area was reconstructed to outfit a small security office and better control access into the building through our key card reader system.

Imagine my surprise to find the following sign(s) on the new doors.

The exterior door(s)

The interior door(s)

I understood the officially inscribed message back when we were having issues with the door locking and unlocking properly.  But ... didn't we just re-do this whole area?  Couldn't we have fixed that issue at the same time?  And what's up with needing to ADD a taped sign under the inscribed sign?  Are people seriously not reading the bigger, bolder, more permanently displayed message?  Is this scotch-taped piece of paper really resolving the problem of people not using the proper door?  And why on earth must we use the other door?  Why even have a second door if we can't use it?  Surely it is not just for decoration, because these signs are not providing better curb appeal.

I.  Just.  Don't.  Get.  It.

Song Of The Day:
Much like I can understand the logic behind this door situation, I cannot understand the words to the song "Cholat Ahava" by Tuft's Shir Appeal.  But I love the tune!  Sometimes we have to just accept what is before us and appreciate what we can, even if we do not fully understand.  I guess.  Yeah, sure ... that makes sense.


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