Monday, July 22, 2013

Have You Ever Written Your Own Top Ten Lists ?

While completing the recent master bedroom makeover, I was going through boxes of books to finally display our collection in our large bookcase.  Among the many things I came across were some "Top Ten" lists that I had hand-typed while serving my LDS mission in Los Angeles, California.  I had purchased a $1 typewriter, with sticky and broken keys (which I fixed more out of stubbornness than necessity), and some of my fellow Elders (missionaries) had spent many an evening (after "lights out" time) crudely typing out our hilarious (to us anyway) ideas for Top Ten lists (a la David Letterman).

So here below are pictures of two lists that I kept, apparently because they were more hilarious than the rest.  I guess the "haircut" list couldn't be shortened to just 10 items ...

My kids' favorite (mine too) is ... "I bet I can run faster than you."

The topic for this list is in terrible taste,
so please forgive my sophmoric
sense of humor from those younger days.

I shared these lists with my kids over dinner tonight, and they actually laughed.  Most of them are too young to understand the courtesy laugh so I guess these were funny enough.

Song Of The Day:
Semi-amusing lists are deserving of a semi-amusing song ... so here is an oldie but a goodie that is more a nod to my family's weird sense of musical appreciation.  I listened to many a Spike Jones classic in my youth (thanks mom and dad!), including this version of the "William Tell Overture" which is the silly story about a horse race and Beetle Baum.  Good times.


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