Friday, June 3, 2011

What's UP with all the Birds ?!

For those of you either new to Colorado Springs or who have never visited in the late-Spring or early-Summer months, you may find yourself asking this question if you get stopped at a red light at any major intersection.
Okay ... so clearly the Palm Trees are
a dead give-away that this is not a
picture from CO Springs ... but this
is not far off from what it looks like!
The birds can be seen swooping up and down, in and out, over and under the cars and light poles.  Amidst the moving traffic and changing signals, the birds deftly navigate around all the moving and stationary objects like some highly coordinated or choreographed production.

But what are they doing?!

The answer is simple: eating.

In Colorado Springs (as in many other areas I am sure), we have Miller Moths.  I'm not sure what their technical name is, but that is what everyone calls them.  Millers.  Moths.  Miller moths.  And when we get our typical April rainfall with moderately warm temperatures, the moths come out in abundance in May.  And they like to hang out everywhere, but they especially seem to frequent major intersections on roadways.  Birds know this and are more than happy to challenge motorists for some free food.  Of course you technical people out there will tell me that all bird food is free, so I'll just say a relatively easy meal.

I bet the birds love it.  It's like a buffet for them and when they get too full they can just perch on a lightpole and watch the show as their peers eat their fill.

I personally have enjoyed watching this phenomenon for years and it still catches my attention every time I pull up to an intersection.  I like to imagine that the birds are little superheroes and they are saving us stupid humans from the alien moth invasion.  Thanks little bird buddies!  You rock!


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