Monday, June 27, 2011

Why would you get anything else ?

Twice in the past month I have eaten at the A&W restaurant near Tutt Blvd and Constitution Ave here in Colorado Springs.
The first time was after I took my oldest son out for his first ever "bucket of balls" at the golf course.  He did good and this was his reward.
The second was this evening when I took my sweetheart Karen out for dinner after the "rough day" she had.

I love A&W rootbeer, but it is NEVER better than at the restaurant right from the "draft keg" dispenser!
Even when I am full as can be I will "fill up" my cup before leaving the restaurant with this tasty concoction.

While dining there tonight my wife asked me the very title of this blog ... "Why would you get anything else?!"
She was, of course, referring to the variety of other soft drinks available from the fountain right next to the root beer draft keg.
She was also, of course, totally right!

I do not go to A&W for the food.  It's not that it's bad or anything, but I can get a burger or chicken sandwich that is arguably just as good at dozens of other locations.  I go ... for ... the root beer!

Mmmmmm ... time to go finish off the rest of my root beer from tonight.

Ahhhhh ... :)


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  1. My best friend gave me and Kristy a set of official A&W glasses for my wedding present. I love that root beer.