Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If you could, would you ?

I've been thinking a lot lately (odd because I talk so much you'd think I never have time to think) and one of the recurring thoughts is the title of this blog:

If you could, would you ?

This applies to millions of things and countless situations.  I think that question is a great tool for self-assessment in any scenario.  If you could do something and theoretically "get away with it" would you do it?  So many in society today must be answering that question with a resounding "YES" or maybe more appropriately a "HE** YEAH!"  But I'm not necessarily blogging about them tonight.  I'm blogging about me.  And you.  And every person who is alive or has ever lived or is yet to come.

I think this single, simple question can help a person decide what their true desires, wants, passions, "needs" and goals are.  Let me explain just a little more in case you're not already lost in your own train of thought on this one ...

A simple situation ... you're all by yourself and it is lunchtime.  Do you eat the burger, fries, and shake?  Or do you choose to eat the salad and drink plain ol' water.  Afterward, do you indulge in "dessert" (because the shake didn't really count)?  Or do you take a refill of your water and enjoy a 5-minute walk as your "treat" after a hearty meal?

I'm not saying one is right and one is wrong ... they both ... just ... are.  But which would you choose if no one would EVER know and it really didn't matter to anyone else?

A tougher situation ... it is Sunday morning and Church begins in a few hours.  Do you get up with a spring in your step and excitement to revel with fellow believers?  Do you show up at church early to greet people with smiles and handshakes?  Or ... do you roll over and think of reasons not to goGiven the choice with NO repercussions which would you actually choose to do?

I think it is an extreme test of your real, honest, deepest, and most true beliefs when you seriously answer that question.
If I could, would I (fill in the blank) ?

I'd like to say that I would choose all the righteous paths, but I know I wouldn't if the alternative was "acceptable" to choose.  And for me, that is a show of how far removed from where I eternally want to be and it helps me "course correct" with different smaller actions.

The "overall" situation ... If you could be guaranteed to return "home" to live with your Heavenly Father, your older brother and Savior, and all your family, friends, and loved ones ... would you do whatever it takes to get there?!

I for one WANT to be able to answer that with a resounding "YES!" but I know (right now at least) that I am FAR from being able to say that.  Given the option of doing certain things that are contrary to "goodness" I am very inclined to think "Well, no one is looking and if no one ever really found out then of course I would rather ..." and I don't like that part of myself very much.

I am happy that in many things related to that question I am very solidly on the "goodness" side of things, and I hope many of you are too.  We'll get there together, helping each other along with our struggles and personal challenges.  None of us really faces the exact same struggles, but we all have them and we ALL need help to overcome them.  If there is ever anything any of you readers need from me to help you overcome a struggle, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and most of all ...
for asking the right questions!


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  1. Some days are easier than others. Last Sunday was a hard one for me. I had tons of excuses of why I could skip out for all or some of the meetings. Other Sundays are easy. I don't jump out of bed but I don't complain either.

    It is easier when you have others around to help influence your decision. Do I have enough integrity when I am by myself?