Monday, June 13, 2011

Who the Heck just hit my head ?

Myra can't really talk yet.  She does say lots of gibberish and a few words that sound like "dada" and "stuck" and "up."  But the faces she makes when something happens to her are priceless!  They can never be captured by the camera because they are split second situations, but I often find myself filling in the words for her in those situations.
What are you lookin' at?!  :)
She is walking all over the place now, but with a hefty dose of stumbling and falling mixed in for good measure.  She reminds me of the character "Edgar" from the first Men in Black movie after his body is possessed by the alien and he can't really walk very well.  Maybe I'll figure out how to get it on video at some point and attach it to this blog.

In her walking around the house she is beginning to get too tall to walk under things any longer.  One case in point is the card table that the kids' computer is sitting on.  She used to fit under it with ease, but now when she stands up her head is literally right on the bottom of the table.  This is not a big deal except when she tries to walk out from under the table ... because the metal bars that hold the tabletop up come down about an inch below the bottom of the table.  So she walks along and it SMACKS her in the forehead (or top of the head if she is looking down while walking out).

Today she did this about three times and each time she looked around all over after hitting her head, as if to find the culprit.  Hence the title of this blog post ... because that is what I think Myra would say if she was able to.


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  1. Awww, poor Myra! I feel bad because I am laughing as I picture her bumping her head and then trying to find out who did that to her! Classic!