Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Drunk" = "In a Divorce" ?

I've gotten back into playing Family Feud on Facebook.  I don't feel guilty about this because it is not one of those games I've gotten "addicted" to in the past (see: Mafia Wars, YoVille, Farm Town, Zoo World) where you have to play every day.  It is more like Scrabble, which I play all the time with anyone who wants to match wordsmithing wits, in that you can play as often or infrequently as you have time for.

It is also a very fun game to play with my son Josh Jr!

He is enjoying Facebook more and more (he's almost 12 years old now so that is no big surprise).  He has found connections with many friends from his former school (Odyssey Elementary), almost all of whom he will be attending classes with again in the fall at Skyview Middle School.  He plays all kinds of games, some that I can't even understand, but he is willing to play Scrabble and Family Feud with me ... so that is a fun way to stay connected with him.

A "Fast Money" round that I was completing for him was the inspiration for this blog.  If you've never played or watched Family Feud before, then click here to read about it on wikipedia where you can "catch up."  So the online game follows the same format and in this situation I was playing the second half of his Fast Money round.  The questions that were asked were amusing enough, but what caught my attention was that on the 3rd question I attempted to submit the answer "Drunk" and was given the "Already Answered" buzzer / message.  This wasn't a surprise to me so I submitted another answer and went on with the game.  Then it was time for the big reveal of our answers and point totals.

To my surprise, Josh Jr's answer for that same question was "in a devorce" ... which, apparently according to the creators of the game is the same as "drunk" !!!  I've never been either of those things, so I am not at liberty to comment on the accuracy of this assessment ... but it doesn't seem quite right in my book.  The irony of this being an answer on a game titled Family Feud is NOT lost on me!  :)

The questions asked (as best as I can recall at this point) were as follows:
#1. Name something you hope your kids don't do the same as you do.
#2. Name something new moms spend a lot of time doing.
#3. Name a situation when you should not Blog for fear you might say something you'll regret.
#4. What is a common first name of many US Presidents?
#5. What is something you'd expect to see alot of if you visited Australia?

I was already laughing rather hard at the previous answers he had provided when the "devorce" and "drunk" situation came up.
 - We do stay up late so that one makes a lot of sense.
 - Karen has been knitting all the time and Myra is still not yet a year old ... so that one makes a lot of sense too!  :)
 - I also think his awareness of how divorce can affect the way people treat each other is very astute for his age.
 - I know he guessed James for the president question because he's collecting those Presidential $1 Coins and there are several James' currently available.

But then the last question made me laugh that much harder.  Not just that he put "dirt" but that 10 out of 100 people surveyed said the same thing!  Awesome!  That's what "Australia" represents for 10% of our surveyed population!  Looks like it's time to reconsider your advertising Down Under!


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  1. "Dirt"

    That totally made me spit out my drink!