Sunday, June 19, 2011

How do you eat your pizza ?

I'm weird in many ways, but one of them is the way that I eat pizza.  It may be a little OCD but ultimately it is a tried and true method and I'll eat my pizza that way regardless of where we are (in a restaurant, at home. etc.) or who is with us (family, work function, etc.)

I like there to be an appropriate ratio of pizza-with-toppings to crust.  So I eat my pizza from both ends at the same time.  My first bite of pizza always includes the normal starting point (the tip) that others enjoy, but I also bite off a huge chunk of crust with that first bite.  The second bite includes a devouring of the other end of the crust, so my pizza slice looks like more of a circle at that point.  Once I'm in the middle of the slice I take smaller "crust" bites until the last bite is a rectangular piece of pizza with equal amount crust and "topping covered" portion.

Some of my kids hate eating crust so I have taught them this method, which alleviates the need to eat a breadstick after enjoying all that topping-laden goodness.  Dominoes had to go and make their crust all tasty though, so I just eat their pizza like "normal" people because that breadstick is tasty!

Pizza Hut modified my idea with their Stuffed Crust advertising around "eating the pizza backwards" but I don't mind.  I think everyone would enjoy their whole pizza experience more if they would just embrace the eat from all sides mentality.

My favorite pizza though is still my wife's homemade pizza.  Mmmmm.  If you haven't tried it then you need to invite yourselves over for games and pizza!  She makes it with chicken and bacon and either ranch or barbeque sauce.  Sooooo good!  She made it for me last night as a pre-Father's Day meal.  Thankfully I got pulled away from eating it, otherwise I'd have overeaten and been sick all day today.  :)

I.  Just.  Can't.  Stop.  Eating.  It.  Mmmmmm!


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  1. I am so craving pizza right now!! Interesting post, by the way! I had no idea that you ate pizza in such a distinctive way! Cool!