Monday, June 13, 2011

How was the Campout ?

I rarely, if ever, have done "picture" blogs.  Usually I just write what I'm thinking about and add a few pictures in here or there.  But the campout I went on with my son, 5 of his scout friends, one other leader and one other parent, is just best told with pictures.  So without further ado here comes the first of FOUR (maybe five) blog posts about the campout.

Camping Experiences Part One

Of course the first thing you do when you "set up camp" is to find a suitable location for your tent(s) and get them set up.  The boys were all sleeping in our Case Family Mega-Tent (we just bought it and this was our first test of it).  Us leaders and fathers were sleeping in Bro. Dave Tusler's 6-man tent.  We adults did help set them up, but mostly the boys did it, because it is one of their requirements for rank advancement.

3 boys (Jeffrey Moore, Josh Case Jr, and Aaron Bullock)
were responsible to set up the MEGA TENT.
Jeffrey is the boy holding the ax ...
the wrong way for hammering in tent stakes.

Josh Jr, Jeffrey, and Aaron celebrate their "victory!"
They won the "battle" by finishing their tent first.

Dave Tusler (adult) and the 3 boys assigned to this tent.
(L-R) Austin McKamey, Nathan Peterson, and Jon Morrow
I think Austin was the only one that really helped.

Nathan, Jon, and Austin "finishing up" the tent.


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  1. Nice tents! I was particularly impressed with "MEGA-Tent" (any relation to "MEGA-Maid" from Spaceballs?)