Monday, June 27, 2011

What happened to "Medium" ?

"Sizes" are all kinds of messed up.

Look at the eggs you get at your supermarket.  Good luck finding "small" or even "medium" eggs.
Really?!  Can YOU tell a difference?!

Check out the tags on the shirts you like to wear.  I am nowhere near what should be considered "large" and yet almost all of the shirts (tees, collared, etc.) I own are XL = Extra Large.  Before you make a judgement of me, go check out your shirt sizes and see if they really match your size ... especially as compared with the general population of our country and planet!

It seems like restaurants are the only place where you can get "small" or "medium" sizes anymore, but even there they have changed their verbiage and they call everything "regular" or some variation that is less offensive.  Plus it is really only "kids" sizes that are "small."

And don't even get me started on the variations in "size" on labels for children's clothing!  It is a mockery of any standardized measurement system.  Size 10 shirts that are too small for my 9-year old!  A size 6 skirt that is still too big for my almost 8-year old daughter!  What is going on here?!

I remember the days when Large meant LARGE.

What happened?!


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  1. So true, man! I feel your pain! Some of my shirts are medium and fit like a large, while I have large shirts that fit like medium. I can only imagine what the future holds for sizes: soon it will be Adequate, Average, and Advanced.