Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can a Desk Job help you LOSE weight ?

I know that many people who have "desk jobs" lament the supposed fact that the inactivity which occurs because of their role causes them to be out of shape and/or gain weight.  I think that's a fair assumption as sitting all day definitely burns less calories than a up and about type of job.  I think it is also fair to assume that sitting at a desk most of the day can encourage snacking throughout the day instead of just eating at normal, periodic meal times.

For me (as I am finding with so many things in life) the opposite seems to be the truth.  I am more prone to snacking, excessive eating, and less "exercise" when I am away from work than when I am at work.

You see, in my current role as a Supervisor in a call center, I am at my desk 90% of the day (even if I am attending meetings I am often sitting at my desk and on a "conference call" or some other way of attending the meeting virtually).  As a result, you could easily make the assumption that I just snack all day.  This belief would be further cemented in your mind if you saw the "snack drawer" I have at my desk, which is filled with all manner of goodies.  Swiss Cake Rolls, Granola Bars, Assorted candies and/or chips, but also with a healthy dose of Trail Mix, Bread, Peanut Butter, and Honey (for sandwiches).

But I rarely get to take a break for lunch.  Being the "supervisor" means that when someone needs you, you really ought to be available.  Although this allows for a lot of flexibility (I can work on anything at any time rather than having to always do something at a specific time) it also presents a challenge in setting a specific time to work on anything ... like a lunch break, or to work on a specific project that needs several, uninterrupted hours.  I also have quite a few meetings that often occur between 11am and 2pm, which would be the optimal time for me to eat.  If I try and eat a "late lunch" (after 2pm) I can guarantee that I won't be hungry for dinner.  And eating something lunch-like before 11am will never feel right to me.

I also rarely have time to "snack" while at my desk because I am either with someone (or on the phone with someone) or I am working on something that requires two hands (typing, updating reports, hand writing notes, etc.)  So all these "goodies" eventually get eaten, but by folks on my team ... or by me ... over a LOOOOONG time period.

All this leads to me being in a very snacky mood when I am home.  Like over the Memorial Day weekend, when I very much overate even though I had three meals a day (which as I've mentioned above, is a rarity when I am working).

So is it wrong that I'm excited to be at work as a means to maintain a healthy weight?  Not sure that is listed anywhere on our Work Perks!  :)

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