Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why are your lights still on ?!

I hate it when I pull up to a drive thru late at night, with the store lights and drive thru menu lights bright as all get out ... only to be told "We're Closed!" or worse yet ... to never get a response at all from the owners/employees.

It's one thing to leave the store name lights on and/or those in the parking lot, but it is entirely different and entirely RUDE to leave the drive thru lights on and the rest of the interior lights aglow!

Just me venting ... tonight when it happened at Wendy's I booked it over to McDonald's (Josh Jr had earned a chocate shake by playing an hour and a half of basketball ... in his sandals no less!) ... the drive thru line took forever but the silver lining was that the manager just handed me the shake and said "It's on me."  I offered again to pay but she said "No thanks.  Have a great night."

And that's just one more reason why McDonald's is better than Wendy's!  :)

No contest!  McDonald's fries win in a landslide!  :)


  1. So true!! I've pretty much gotten over Wendy's (especially since McDonald's introduced the Rolo McFlurry!!) I remember that Jaimee, Daniel and Jordan had a really bad customer service experience at Wendy's on New Year's Day 2001 and the person in the drive-thru actually had the nerve to say "McDonald's is over there!" How rude!!

  2. It is like this over here as well. Must be the corporate training. ;)