Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have you seen Psych ?

I am certain I have blogged about this show before, but it deserves another blog post because the show is quite possibly my favorite show ever.  I know that is saying alot, but there is really nothing about the show that I would change ... except for there to be more episodes.

Shawn having a "psychic vision"

 The premise of the show is that Shawn Spencer is a "Psychic Detective" who receives premonitions about information that helps him solve real police cases.  Of course he doesn't actually receive any psychic help, he is just extremely meticulous in his observations.  He has a good buddy "Gus" (his full name is Burton Guster) who has been his friend since they were little kids.
(L-R) Juliet, Shawn's dad, Shawn,
The Chief, "Gus", and Lassiter

The cast of other characters all have their own idiosyncracies that make them all endearing.  Shawn's dad, the Chief of Police, his love interest Juliet, and even the too-by-the-book "Lassie" are all played to a perfect T in every episode and unique situation.

The 80's (and some early 90's) references are hilarious and spot on.  The chemistry between all the characters is electric.  And the writing is superb!  The dialogue moves so fast that you can easily miss several hilarious and perfectly timed comments.  The characters themselves play their parts as though they were on a TV show, which makes it all the more fun because they are!  The storylines are occassionally far fetched, but for the most part they are believable.  I literally cannot get enough of this show and I am so glad that my own good buddy from my childhood (high school still counts as childhood!) got me turned on to the show.  Thanks Craig!

Pineapples are a HUGE part of the show !
(Shawn has an almost unhealthy obsession with them)

Tonight we will be watching the last 2 episodes of Season 5, which is all there is for right now.  I am not even sure when the next season will start up but I am geeking out about it like I have with no other shows ever (even Lost, which I was very addicted to at one time).  So check it out if you're looking for a comedic yet dramatic police / detective type of show ... or if you just want to be impressed with some great acting, even better writing, and references to pop culture from 2 decades ago.  You can catch every episode of the first 4 seasons on


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  1. It really is an awesome show! I've already gotten hooked on one new show, so this will have to be my next show to get hooked on!