Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is it wrong to RACE to Church ?

Today on the way to church we got caught in a race with our "sister-van-family."

The Moore's, a family we have know for years, have basically the exact same mini-van we have.  Same year.  Same color.  Almost exactly the same features.  And while driving to church this morning I noticed them coming up behind us in the rear view mirror.  Jonathan, the dad, was driving (this is actually somewhat rare ... and now I think I know why) and he switched lanes as we turned from Dublin onto Peterson, apparently so he could try to pass us.

I wasn't really in a mood to "race" but it just struck me as funny ... so I gunned it.  I kept him at bay for a little bit, but he seemed less nervous about the copious amount of water in the road that we were fast approaching.  I slowed down before hitting the water but he floored it even more.  He later told me that they hydroplaned across the small river of water and he thought he was going to lose control of the car.

I stayed close, but a little ways off and then I noticed that the light at Stetson Hills and Peterson was red, meaning he would have to stop.  I slowed just enough and hit the light almost exactly as it went green.  If he had not peeled out his tires and opened up his extra turbo boosters I'd have flown past him, but he got up just enough speed to retain the inside lane.  He did go up on three wheels when he turned in the church parking lot (I was done racing long before then, but he clearly wanted to finish the victory).

We chatted and laughed about it in the parking lot and then tried to get our "spirituality" on before heading into church.  I have to say it was a pretty fun experience on Father's Day.  I am certain the "moms" didn't like it as much, but the kids all seemed very happy ... including the little kids inside of Jonathan and myself!  :)


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