Monday, June 27, 2011

What is it with Climbing ?

This morning I was watching my youngest daughter Myra (who just turned a year old) while her siblings were all at swim lessons with Karen.  Myra was all over the place while I was busy doing the final loads of laundry and general straightening around the house.

At a certain point I realized that she was in her oldest brother's room.  He has Legos!  These made Myra very excited and she decided she HAD to get them!

So she assessed the situation ...
and decided one leg at a time was the way to go ...

Once she was up there she was so proud of herself.  These two pics give you a little idea, but the faces she made when I wasn't snapping pictures were much more proud and devilish all rolled into one look of extreme satisfaction!

I think ALL kids have desires to climb things.  Even when they fall and get hurt (sometimes repeatedly) the desire remains.  There is just some innate driving force to be "on" things or to be able to see from a higher vantage point.

I find it interesting that, at a certain age, this trend begins to reverse.  I am convinced that everyone I know over the age of 60 is less and less inclined to go up anything or even be higher than their natural height allows them to see from.

I wonder why ...



  1. Brilliant observations! I love those photos of Myra - she's got such an infectious smile! I think you and Karen are going to have a lively time raising her!

  2. I only climb when I can get some sort of a treat. And I may do that after I am 60 too.