Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who Knew ?

I.  Had.  No.  Idea.

Well, I had a little bit of an idea or awareness of this ... but certainly I had no real idea of this ongoing event.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps shocked is a better word, but that doesn't necessarily sound positive.  And my reaction is VERY positive to this situation.  Maybe even more "in awe" than anything else.  And because I am that dude who asks LOTS of questions, I am filled with questions about this.

Is it real?  Is the data accurate?  How could it be true?  How did this happen?  What is up with the "random" becoming more the "norm" here?

And lastly ... who are these people?  How do I know them?  How do they know about me?  Is this blog actually being read in all these different places?

I need a frame of reference.  I need clarification.  I need to know what this looks like for others who are blogging.  It CANNOT just be me!  I refuse to believe it.  It would be cool if it was entirely true, but I feel as though there must be a better, more logical explanation.  Can anyone provide this for me please?

Below are screen shots of my Blog Stats.  You can find these on your own blog by accessing the Stats button in the almost upper right-hand corner of your own blog (at least on blogs).  In that section and with little effort you can sort through who, when, where, and through what medium is your blog being viewed, read, commented on, etc.  I.  Seriously.  Had.  No.  Idea.

I know who was reading in Qatar but ...
Belgium?  Slovenia?  The Phillipines?


And 99 Pageviews on my Paparazzi post?!
41 on a grumpy basketball blog?!
32 on my "Karen is Amazing" post?!  Why not more there!  :)

Thanks to all visitors, readers, commenters, fans, followers, and fellow bloggers!  Real or not, seeing these "stats" made me view my blogging in a whole new light.
Very.  Interesting.  Indeed.


  1. Josh, I'm amazed, too. Just think of all the...wait a minute, aren't you supposed to be at work?

  2. I hate to burst your bubble but some of these are from spammer bots. They will look and find blogs that are unsecure and have their way with them.