Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stay Home or Ride Your Bike ?

I have two sons: Josh Jr is 11 (almost 12) and Ben is 9 (almost 10).  They are almost always really good friends and enjoy almost all the same activities.  Their personalities are very different, but they also share so many similarities that you just know they are brothers.

My boys are both excellent swimmers!  And LOVE the water!

The other day I was taking Karen on an impromptu date and my mom had graciously agreed to watch the kids so Karen and I could have some alone time.  Thanks again Grandma Julie!

Anyway, we needed to get all of the kids over to her house but there was one ... small ... problem.  The van (a.k.a. Karen's car) was in the shop ... soooooo ... it was going to either take two trips in my car ... or ... we could get creative.  Hence the title of this blog ... because that was the question given to my two sons!

After a brief "consultation" with each other, they joyously agreed to bike over to Grandma's house.  It is only 1.7 miles away, but to get there you have to take Dublin Blvd and Peterson Rd, both of which are semi-major streets.  I know Karen wasn't excited about this, but she kinda just had to go along once the boys were so excited to go.

They made it without any issue, and in pretty good time too.  You'll have to ask them for their report, but suffice it to say they were VERY grateful for the sprinklers that "cooled them down" from the heat.

I am proud of them for being so willing to ride there (and ride home later).  I know I can trust them both, especially when they are together!


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  1. I was really impressed that Josh Jr and Ben rode their bikes home the other night, even with the weather looking a bit sketchy. Love the photo of them in the pool together! Such good buds!!