Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Toppings Go With Watermelon ?

On my impromptu date night with my wife Karen, we enjoyed a rare dessert-after-dinner experience.  And it was superb!

We went to the "new" Yo Yogurt at the intersection of Powers and Stetson Hills, here in Colorado Springs.

 If you've never been, here's a brief introduction:
 - You select your size (there are only two available - big or bigger)
 - You select your frozen yogurt (or a combination of flavors)
 - You select your toppings (everything you could imagine & then some)
 - You weigh your concoction and then you pay (0.37 cents per ounce on this day)

Karen had been before and said it was great, but I wasn't really convinced to try it.  You see, I don't like frozen yogurt.  I also don't like custard.  Everyone I knew told me I just had to try Culver's ... and I did ... and it was awful (IMHO).  So I was very leery of trying this, even though my wife is almost always a great judge of whether or not I will like something.

This is what the
row of flavors
looks like.
You can taste-test any of the flavors, which I reluctantly did with "Watermelon" ... and boy was I surprised!  It had a relatively creamy texture (rare for anything other than ice cream on my palette) and the flavor was so strong, but so good!  I didn't even taste anything else.

Ultimately we decided against getting just that one flavor (we were both so full from dinner we knew we had to share one cup bowl) mainly because of the title of this blog ... what kind of topping would make sense to put on Watermelon Frozen Yogurt?!  I couldn't think of any and it seemed like a waste to have my first (of many) trip(s) to Yo Yogurt not include any toppings.  We had the same mix that Karen had tried (and loved) before ... Banana, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter flavored yogurts with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Brownie Bites as toppings.

Sooooo yummy!  A great ending treat to a great date night!  :)


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  1. We have a store like that here in Logan. Kristy and I tried it a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised how sweet it was. I got the coconut flavor with chocolate.