Monday, June 13, 2011

What are you Collecting ?

Campout Experiences Part Four

Apparently the area where we camped with the boys is also a popular area for shooting.  I already shared pictures of the tree that was felled by the yahoos that couldn't hit whatever else they were trying to shoot at.  We noticed all sorts of bright orange colored pieces of some easily breakable material strewn about the campsite and surrounding area.  Just across the small creek on the south side of our camp, some of the boys found unbroken versions of these supposedly mysterious and intriguing objects.

The stack on the left belongs to Jeffrey Moore.
The double-stack on the right belongs to my son.

The boys showing off their "treasures"
(L-R) Jeffrey Moore, Nathan Peterson, Josh Case Jr.
Afterward Nathan asked to take the picture again ...
now I know why ... lookit the face he was making!  :)

They are clay pigeons and to be brutally honest, I'd actually never seen these kinds of things before in my life.  Neither had most of the boys.  So they collected them from all over the area and ended up tracking down over 50 that were basically brand newMy son was the most interested in collecting them and brought home over 30.  What he plans to do with them is a mystery to me, but I made him promise to clean it up and NOT to bring them into the house!  :)

Jon collected just a few of
the bullet casings around
the fire pit.  There were
thousands MORE!  Yikes!


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  1. I have heard of clay pigeons, but never actually saw them before...very interesting!