Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Would Happen ?

I've collected so much stuff over the years on my desk at Progressive.

I have knick-knacks, and swag, and gifts, and pictures, and Dilbert cartoons, and books, and business cards, and drawings from my kids, and speakers for my MP3 player, and a radio/CD player, and an assortment of pens, and thank you notes, and "awards" from my site manager, and buttons / pins, and calendars, and plants ... and so on.

Lately I have been wondering what would happen if I just boxed up all this stuff that I almost never use and hid it under my desk.  Would I be more or less productive?  Would my peers and cubicle neighbors wonder if I was leaving?  Would I realize that I do need many of these items?  Would I be happier with less clutter?  Or would I be visually bored and begin to resent my "home away from home?"  Would people that stop by linger less because there is nothing to look at besides me?

I'm not quite ready to test this out yet, but I think I will do this in the next month or two and see what really does happen.  I think I will up the ante as well by clearing everything on a Saturday, when very few people are here.  Then to go one step further I will add several of my "items" to other people's desks over the following few weeks ... and see if they notice them!

Doesn't that sound like a fun social experiment?


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  1. Heh... that would be a fun experiment.

    When I worked at Convergys I used to switch some of the letters on my friend's computer keyboards when they were away. (You can do it if you are careful) My manager and I had a hoot watching them type.