Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Chicken in a Tree House ?

That is how my almost 4-year-old daughter, Catalina, described the restaurant we went to for breakfast this morning as a family.  Let me back up so you can understand the reference better ...

Karen and I decided last night that we wanted to take the family out to breakfast at a certain restaurant where they give you TWO free kids meals for each adult meal purchased.  Awesome deal right?!  So our plan had been to wake up as early as we do for school and surprise the kids with this eating out experience.

It did not go as planned ... AT ALL!

But I'm off track on what Cat said so let me close that loop for you.  Josh Jr, our oldest son, kept asking "Where are we going?" and his mom was having fun picking on him with short, non-descriptive, and very non-helpful answers.  Out.  To a restaurant.  For breakfast.  Here in town.  And so forth.  Once we were finally in the car Catalina remembered where we were going, as she has eaten there with us before.  And she was happy to help Josh Jr out so she said "I know where we're going!  We are eating at the place with the Chicken in a Tree House!"  Josh Jr did not find this helpful.  In Cat's defense, it is accurate because the menus do have a picture of a chicken and it looks like it could be sitting in a tree house!  :)

At the restaurant, Savannah had asked to sit on my lap ... and she was not feeling well.  The rest of the story is that (less than one minute before our food was brought out to us), Savannah vomited all over herself and down my leg.  Needless to say we asked them to box up our food and we finished our eating out breakfast at our kitchen table.  I felt so bad for Savannah because she felt awful for "ruining our breakfast."  I've never felt like I could be happy about being thrown up on, but when it's your child there certainly isn't any anger when you know they just don't feel good.

How's your day been so far?  :)


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  1. I cannot handle throw up. I probably would have tossed my cookies as well.