Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are these the LAST Camping Photos ?

In the immortal words of Eric Forman (from That 70's Show) ... Yes, yes.

Yes, here are the last of the pictures from the 11-year old Scout Campout.

And yes, they are seemingly random ... but they are also too good NOT to share!

The view from just outside the "leader's tent"
We adults were VERY happy that the scouts
wanted to be so far away from us!  :)

Looking back toward the leader's tent
You can see our cars and the fire pit

As part of the Scout Rank Advancement ...
the boys had to build a "latrine" area.
Jeff and Aaron worked on this for a while.
Jeff really, REALLY needed to "go" ... badly!

Part One of "The Sunset Pictures"
(It does NOT do the beauty of this any justice!)

Part Two of "The Sunset Pictures"
No that is not a fire in the background
just an amazingly beautiful sunset!

The boys eating their "breakfast burritos" ... yum!

This was a tunnel (buried up) Bro. Dave Tusler and I found.
It was for the "Broadmoor Water / Power Co."
It has not been used in decades ... the water outside is GROSS!


  1. Those photos of the sunset are absolutely gorgeous (although I can imagine that seeing it in real life is even better!)

    The latrine...ah, yes, I realize another reason why I hated to camp out! I gots to have me my indoor plumbing!

  2. Beautiful Sunset! Love the pictures :)