Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Many Do You Have ?!

That title is a question that my good buddy Mark asked me one day at work ... and so here's the story ...

I've been meaning to do this particular blog for a while but decided I wanted it to be at the beginning of a month (notice how well that worked out since it's 1:30am on the 4th of May before I'm getting around to it!)  Anyway, each blog post I do this month will feature a different Progressive shirt I own.  Unfortunately, I procrastinated this too long and a few shirts (three that I know of for sure) have given up the ghost and will not be featured in any of my May blogs.  The rest will come at you one at a time so as to not overwhelm you with my vast array of Progressive shirts, jackets, windbreakers, t-shirts, etc.

As of this moment I have been employed at Progressive for about a month and a half more than 13 years.  I did not own a single piece of Progressive attire until I reached my 5-year mark, but since then I have added a few articles of clothing every year.  Some years have included more than a half-dozen new shirts, and others have slipped by with only one pick up.  I've been a Supervisor for the past 5 years and have "rewarded" my team toward the end of each year with a Team Shirt (getting one for myself too so as to add to my collection).  It is now the rare day that I go to work and don't wear Progressive gear.  And I kinda like that.  It's my "thing" at work (at least in terms of apparel).

So without further ado here is the first pic (with one more to come in each blog this month, based on what I wore that day).  Hope you enjoy the ride and fashion show!  :)

This is an "official" MLB authenticated
t-shirt for the Cleveland Indians ballpark
aptly named "Progressive Field"
(Cleveland, OH. is our "home office")



  1. I've got a couple of those shirts myself. I like them for the summer.

  2. I look forward to seeing all of your Progressive fashions! It reminds me of all the USRA shirts/t-shirts I had...say, maybe I'll do a post about these shirts! Thanks for the idea!