Monday, May 23, 2011

Why is it so fun ?

It began many, many years ago in my Sophomore year of high school.  I had a few friends who had done it and they all acted like they were so cool because of it.  I thought that it was crazy and a little reckless, but it also DID seem like a very cool thing to do.  It involved some careful planning so you could avoid getting caught, but once I thought it through and considered the implications, I made my decision to do it.

I still remember the first time.  It was on a Thursday (much like the day I wrote this blog).  I had been planning for the whole week and when the moment came I was ready.  I should have planned to do it with a few friends instead of alone, so that I'd know for sure I was doing it right.  But I think it is one of those things you can figure out on your own without too much effort.  After the bell rang to signal the change between 4th and 5th period, I made my move.  I thought I was soooo stealthy as I headed calmly down the hall toward the door.  I stepped outside and headed toward the school library.  I entered and there were a surprising number of students inside.  I scanned the room and found a suitable table and then I sat down.  A few minutes later it began.  The school bell rang signaling the start of 5th period.  And I stayed ... right ... there.

That's right ... I ditched class. I skipped school. I played hookey.

Ah, the innocence of "the first time."  And stupid me spent the hour studying in the library.  It was a less than glorious beginning, but it did teach me a few valuable lessons.
#1. "Planning" to skip class, work, or any sort of event still counts!
#2. It can be more fun when ditching plans is spontaneous.
#3. You better be prepared to handle the consequences like a MAN!

So I'm wondering if any of my readers out there ever willfully decide to "skip" anything?  Have you gotten burned as a result, or did it end up making little difference in the grand scheme of things?  I myself will still occassionally choose to give myself a "break" maybe a few times each year.  But I'm still very planful about it and it is more like #1 on my list above.

And the Progressive shirt of the day ...
NOT a fan of this shirt!  Can you tell ?!
I got this from a friend at work, who had
gotten it at an off-site leadership meeting.
It has been "retired" ... my friend has not.


  1. That's so funny... the first time I remember ditching class was at Heath Junior High and I sat in the library for the last period of the day!! Shameful! The only time it ever bit me was when mom caught us.. or me, really. *sigh*

  2. This shirt is definitely not an Amsden favorite. I hear Salvation Army calling its name. Kevin says that if it was shorter (like a cut off shirt) he would like it. He needs some more skin! :) LOL!