Sunday, May 29, 2011

When are we going ?!

I need to go golfing!

I've tried three times in the past month to get out and play at least 9 holes, but each attempt has been foiled by a different circumstance that is insurmountable.

First, I was going to go golfing with my co-worker Bill, but something at the school for one of my kids kept me from being able to go.  No big deal.

Then, I set up to go golfing with another former co-worker, but we never could find a date or time that would work for both of us.  He couldn't get time off from his current job or I had a meeting I couldn't miss or one of our families had an "event" that we couldn't justify skipping.  No big deal again ... there's always later in the summer for us ... maybe.

Finally, I promised my good buddy Tony that I would take him golfing if he would help me rotate my tires.  It is now almost a week since we rotated those darn tires, but he has such a long "honey do" list (not just from his wife, but from work, from the in-laws, and from derilect friends like me, etc.) that we can't seem to commit to one 2-3 hour period of time.  Now it IS a big deal!

I've thought about going myself, but I've never actually played a round of golf alone.  I'm not scared to do that, but I'm a HACK!  And my luck is that I would be added to a threesome already set to play ... and they'd all be scratch golfers.  What kind of solo-golfing idiot are they going to think this guy is when he comes out to play alone and barely breaks 50 over 9 holes?!

So I sit and wait and plot and plan and cancel and reschedule and cry and whine and blog about it and call other people and put the clubs in my car (just in case) and cut coupons and budget money and confirm times when it would be okay with Karen and on and on and on ... but still no actual golf.  :(
And here's my "oldest" Progressive shirt ... almost time to retire it ...
I bought this shirt around my
5th anniversary with Progressive.
It came in the mail before my actual
anniversary shirt, so it is
technically the oldest one I own.

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