Monday, May 30, 2011

Is It Finally Over ?

Hard to believe but it is true.  The end is here.  After a long journey, we've reached the conclusion.  We all knew it would happen, some even calculated the exact day and guessed at the time.

Alas, here is the final Progressive shirt picture ... accompanied by a few "extras" of a Progressive hat I never really wear anymore (except outside for yardwork, ocassionally, and sometimes when I'm painting).

If it seems like I look super excited ... it's because I am!  Blogging has been a bit more of a chore this month as I have tried to tie in specific blog topics with the style of shirt I was wearing in the picture for that day.
As you can see it resulted in me going many days between blogging bursts, which is not very fair to you readers.

I am looking forward to resuming a blog with less pictures of me and more fun, hopefully witty, commentary on the weird things we all see and experience in this life here on earth!


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