Thursday, May 5, 2011

More useful than Duct Tape ?

Some years ago I decided to try something I had thought about before, but had never dared attempt.  Maybe it wasn't fear of attempting it, but instead was laziness or forgetfulness.  Whatever the case, I finally tried it and was amazed with the results.

What am I talking about?  Simple ... Painter's tape.
The MIRACLE cure ?!
At this point you have to make a decision ... do you care enough about "painter's tape" to continue reading?  Or are you certain you will NOT be missing out on anything important and instead of wasting your time will go back to your farm or mafia or bejeweled game?

If you're still reading I have to assume you're either:
a) weird like me ... or ...
b) have some time to kill before harvesting your next farm or city items

Painter's tape (the blue kind anyway) is awesome!  Sure it's not strong like duct tape, but often I need to attach things to a wall for a short period of time.  And painter's tape is perfect for that!  It doesn't take the paint off the wall (kinda by design right?!) and also doesn't leave any holes like pins or nails do.  It is rather inexpensive, compared with other materials, and I've even used it for quick, temporary repairs to books or game boxes, etc.

Tonight, while the kids got set up for bed, I used painter's tape to hang up about 20 different school coloring projects for Savannah (almost 6) and Catalina (almost 4) in their room.  It's ingenius!  Either the tape will fail to stick (after the girls pull down their pictures multiple times) or "other" pictures will be more important to them and we'll just peel the tape off the back of the projects (assuming we don't just throw them away).

So if your kids bring home seemingly endless piles of "papers" they want to proudly display, consider using painter's tape to attach them to the walls of their room.  I even use this kind of tape at work on walls that are not supposed to have anything taped, nailed, or otherwise attached to them.  Facilities never knows the difference because it leaves no residue or holes, marks, etc.

Now aren't you glad you kept reading ?!  :)

Here's the Progressive shirt "picture of the day" ...

A former manager of mine liked my idea
of giving shirts to my "direct reports"
so she got her "Supervisor" team these.
She's not employed at Progressive any more.
But I don't think it's because of the shirts.  :)


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  1. That's great info! I had no idea about painter's tape, but now I'll have to try that out!

    Love the photo of your Progressive shirt for today! I'm not a huge fan of the color, but you make it work!