Monday, May 23, 2011

Will I Ever Remember ?

I've completed literally hundreds of home improvement projects over the last 12+ years as a homeowner.  In that time Karen and I have owned three different homes, all with plenty of "work" to be done on them.

In our first home, I fixed countless things.  I landscaped the side, front, and back yards.  I put in a nice walkway from the front of the house to the backyard.  We had new carpet installed, painted EVERY room, and I even re-painted our master bedroom before we sold it.  I also re-tiled the kitchen and bathroom floors and updated molding and baseboards.  I even put in an entirely new bathroom in the basement.

In our second home (now our "rental property"), the work continued.  After two full years in the house we finally determined a painting scheme that would flow properly from the kitchen to the dining room to the great room and then up the stairs and through the hallway leading to all the bedrooms.  The floor plan was very open so we had to "test" several paint set-ups to find one that would work.  The basement was completely unfinished when we moved in and I framed, put up sheetrock, and rolled out old carpet remnants to make it "liveable."  The backyard had a tiny porch, which I doubled with a poorly constructed (just because it took way too much cement) second patio.  I built a huge shed on the side of the house (located too close to the manifold of the sprinkler system I also installed).  In the front yard I built flower boxes for Karen's lilac bushes, which I also planted.  I re-built the rock boxes along the side yard.  On the other side of the yard I tore out the old railroad-tie retaining wall and replaced it with a "stone" retaining wall (made up of 12-inch by 8-inch by 4 inch concrete stones).  I planted a tree in the front and back yard.  I also created a rose garden / flower boxes along the walkway to our front door.  Up from that I built a true garden, where we grew all kinds of vegetables ... and weeds.  I painted what I have been told were very impressive themes in each of the upstairs bedrooms (a castle in the girls room, hand-prints in Broncos-colors in the boys room, and a complete brick wall - based on our cool archway between the bedroom and bathroom - in our master bedroom).  The list goes on, especially in the garage storage I created and the hidden workbench, etc.

In our current home, I haven't done much ... yet ... except building the second set of CD and DVD storage spaces in our walls and some "basement finishing" work (tile in the laundry and bathroom areas and baseboards, etc.)  I have built storage in the attic for all of our Christmas stuff (there is a LOT of it!) and the garage is fairly well organized too.  But the point is, most of the work is left to be done on this current home ... and THAT is where the title of this blog comes from.

With all the work I've done on the previous homes (and thus far in this house), rare (if ever) is the occassion when I actually had the forethought to take "before" pictures!  And the trend has continued!  This past Thursday I began painting our "home office" and do you think I took pictures of what it looked like beforehand?!  Of course not!  Sheesh!  Hopefully this blog will help me remember to get pictures of the shed before I convert it into a woodworking shop ... and of the side yard before I build the retaining wall and plant the garden with the walkway next to it ... and of the front yard before I move the tree to the northeast rock section and hang the basketball hoop and pave the west rock section and add other trees and flower boxes.

Eh ... probably not.  I guess I'm doomed to just say "You shoulda seen it before I did all this work!"  Just trust me ... it looked WAY worse before!  :)

Here's another Progressive shirt o' the day ...
Another "old" and "retired" shirt.
This was from our sponsorship
of the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
Bad.  Marketing.  Idea.

This is the "back" of the shirt.
Our "game" was mostly a failure.

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