Monday, May 16, 2011

What To Do ?

I'm perplexed.  Despite what you may think, that doesn't happen often.

I am a planning kind of person and I'm almost always thinking about what comes next.  I'm one of those list makers and I like to know what's in store for the next hour, day, week, month, year, etc.  So with Summer on the horizon my thoughts always turn to the list of projects I have wanted to get completed but ... the weather has been my excuse not to do them.  But I don't know how to prioritize these projects because they're all things I want done NOW!

Here's what I'm considering for this late Spring into Summer time:
 - Gain HOA approval for, Purchase, and Install a basketball hoop above the garage.
 - Move the tree on the side yard to the front yard.
 - Gain HOA approval for, and then hire or pour myself the extension of our driveway (to add a little more parking space for get-togethers but also so we can have a 3-point line on our basketball "court").
 - Fix the sprinklers (front yard is 100% important, back yard = maybe 50/50)
 - Install retaining wall on the East side of our property.
 - Prepare ground near said retaining wall for a garden.
 - Plant garden (this will almost certainly have to be done the year after finishing the above two items).
 - Rotate my tires (& replace the brake pads on the front two tires while I'm at it).
 - Re-plant / re-pot our three "spider" plants (and my small one at work, and the other plant I have at work, and our other plants at the house).
 - Redecorate our "home office" with a Hawaii theme (this involves: putting up border wallpaper, painting the walls, hanging all the Hawaii knick-knacks we have, hanging our "spider" plants and their "legs" along the ceiling, adding insulation to the North-facing exterior wall, re-arranging our computer desks, and finally hanging the pictures and artwork back on the walls).
 - Finish painting Brooklyn's room.
 - Begin painting ALL other rooms (Master bedroom, Josh Jr's room, Ben's room, Savannah / Cat's shared room, etc.)
 - Reassemble the "playhouse / swingset" in the backyard (and stain it too).
 - Stain the fence (several areas that have been replaced and never done).
 - Build gate for East side of house (walkway to eventual garden).
 - Clean up landscaping in our "spice garden" in the backyard.
 - Convert my big shed in the backyard to a working woodshop.
 - Finish the edging in the basement (and hang closet doors in all the kids rooms).
 - Purchase and hang louvered doors for our utility closet in the basement.
 - Trim trees, rose bushes, and lilac bushes at our rental property.
 - Research, Purchase, and Install "fake" grass at our rental property.

So feel free to cast your vote and maybe I'll provide pictures (if applicable) once these various projects (if any) get completed.

And here's the next shirt in my line of Progressive wear:
I got this shirt from my Site Manager
when I played in his four-some at a
golf tournament in 2009.  We lost ... bad!
But I have to say my game was
about the best I have ever played!


  1. I don't think you enough time this summer to complete all those!

  2. Well, your list is just like mine and dad's used to be! HA! Now you can cross off the first item on your list, which is "make a list"....Love ya!

  3. Holy crap, that's a long list of things to do this summer! Wow! Good luck with getting all of that done! I'd love to help out...but I won't :p

  4. I'm exhausted just reading your list.... I'll help you paint though... love painting!! Let me know... also I didn't notice a 5K on your list... I almost called you tonight to run but knew you'd be at scouts... Love you bro!!!