Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why use REAL strawberries ?

I've mentioned before that I am a "frequent flyer" at Sonic's Happy Hour.  Mixed drinks and slushes for 1/2 price always sound good to me.

So a few weeks ago, Karen tried one of those McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonades ... and she loved it!  Being the thoughtful husband I am, I decided to surprise her and get her a Sonic Strawberry Lemonade (forgot to try it as a slush) so she could see which she liked better (as the McDs ones are a lot more pricey, especially compared to "happy hour" drinks).

I decided to taste test it before I brought it home and ... BLECH!  Not the taste mind you, the seeds!  I did NOT expect to take a sip of their tasty beverage and get a mouth full of strawberry seeds!

You purists can deride me all you want, but give me strawberry flavoring ANY DAY over the real thing ... IF you are talking about drinks!  I love strawberries!  My kids have learned my "secret" which is to cut out the white part of the strawberry and fill the hole with sugar before eating the whole thing like sushi ...
in ... one ... big ... bite!

But in a drink?!  Why would you want the seeds in there?!  Strawberry flavoring is just as sweet and I just don't want to have to sip through a filter to get that goodness in me!  Yes, I do detest pulpy orange juice too!  If I wanted pulp, I'd EAT an orange!  There is just no sense in leaving those things in there!

Karen liked it though and has since tried a Lemon Slush with Strawberry added and says they are just as good as the McDs frozen lemonades ... so I guess it all worked out ... except ... for the stupid seeds that it took me forever to brush and floss out of my teeth!

Did you think I forgot?!  Of course not!  Here's the Progressive Shirt of the Day from my own personal collection ...
This is a St Patrick's Day special!  Seriously!
We "volunteers" wear it while marching in
the Annual St Patrick's Day Parade here in
the Springs.  It is brighter than it appears!

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