Monday, May 30, 2011

Is It a Game for Her ?

My 11-month old daughter Myra is SO cute, just like all babies are absolutely cute at that age!  I know my other kids did adorable things like she is doing at this age, but I wasn't blogging back then and we didn't have a digital camera, etc.

A little out of focus (sorry!)
but you can see her
playful side in this pic!  :)
Lately when I have been in the midst of changing her diaper, she seems to think it is hilarious to roll over and crawl away ... as fast as she can go!  This doesn't upset me as I learned very early on to hold a child's legs until their backside is all clean so stuff doesn't end up everywhere. 

I am certain this is not the only time any child has done this and I know it won't be the last.  There is nothing extraordinary about this behavior, but I still felt impressed to blog about it because it made me wonder ... does she have a concept that what she is doing is funny?!

Myra Jasmine sitting in a
chair @ Grandma Julie's
house.  Sooo cute!  :)
 I'm unsure at what age children begin to recognize game-playing.  Laughs and giggles and smiles happen constantly with babies, but when is it just a natural reaction and when is it the earliest manifestation of their sense of humor and joking personality?  How do you know the difference?

Myra seems to sense that she is doing something that bothers me, but doesn't really upset me.  This is further evidenced by the fact that she only crawls a little ways away and then turns to look at me for a response.  When I say "Get back here" or reach for her leg she laughs in an excited and somewhat scared way as she high-tails it out of my reach!  As frustrating as this can be when we're in a hurry to get somewhere, I am never really even "bothered" by it ... I just find it amusing!

This afternoon, while watching her and Savannah (who has a mild fever) - because the rest of the family is at the VGRA pool for opening day - Myra decided she wanted some play time with daddy and just kept attacking me with an open mouth and soft, playful hits with her arms and/or legs.  I got down on her level and wrestled with her for toys and a ball, etc.  She giggled playfully and seemed to have a pretty clear understanding of our "play time."  It is so fun to see each child's personality come out little by little.

Today's Progressive shirt of the day is ... what appears to be a repeat, but I actually have TWO of this same shirt.
This is my XXL sized version of this shirt,
which is much more comfortable to wear
than the L version in my prior post.
The hat is a "commemorative" item too!

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