Friday, May 13, 2011

How Cool Was That ?!

This past Sunday (Mother's Day) in Sacrament Meeting at church, something happened that has never happened before:
My blog was quoted by one of the speakers.

I knew that I liked what I wrote about Karen and what an awesome mother and wife she is, but it was very gratifying to hear my words coming from someone else as a represenation of the greatness in ALL mothers.

Thanks Aaron for both using my words and being thoughtful enough to ask for my permission to use them.  You made them sound even better than I thought they were.  The rest of your talk was great too!  I did not get the chance to tell your wife that her talk was very good as well so please pass on that compliment to her.
Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms and aspiring moms out there!

And the Progressive shirt of the day looks like this ...

"There's something different about you ..."
Oh yeah!  My hair is gone!  :)

This shirt is for "Progressive Volunteers"
and on the back it reads as follows:
"I'm insuring a better world.  I'm Progressive"

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  1. I'm very impressed (but not at all surprised) that someone would quote from your blog! You've written some awesome, inspirational words on your blog! Way to go!