Saturday, April 30, 2011

So how are those New Years Goals coming along ?

At the very start of this year I blogged about my goals for 2011.  At the time I knew I wouldn't achieve them all, but I did want to set some realistic but challenging goals for myself.

So here we are at the end of the first four months of the year and I think it's high time for a check-in on those goals.  Why one third of the way in and not monthly or quarterly or at the mid-year point?  Because ... I'm me!  I hate doing things based on societal stigmas or conventional conditioning.  Be free and do your own thing!  Don't conform for the sake of conformity!  ... plus I didn't think about it last month or I would have blogged it earlier.  :)

Goal #1 -- Blog more.
I am happy to say that with this blog I have completed 114 blog posts in 120 days ... and I expect to "catch up" those other 6 missing blogs in the next month or so.  My apologies to those readers who don't particularly like my recent style of 3-5 blogs at a time.  Like Frank Sinatra, I'm doing it my way!  :)
Score = Mostly On Target

Goal #2 -- Control my basketball temper.
Um ... I think that is working ... I guess I'll have to ask around ... probably not as good as I'd like it to be yet but there's plenty of year left.
Score = Some Progress

Goal #3 -- Spend more "quality time"
with my wife and children.
Done and DONE!  I can think of a half-dozen activities we have done as a family (or in small groups) and I've really been there in all of them!  Yay me!
Score = Keep It Up Winner!

Goal #4 -- Run at least three 5K races.
No progress yet, but I am more of a summer into fall into winter kind of runner.  I did buy a new pair of actual running shoes so that counts for something!
Score = The New Shoes Won't Run By Themselves Bucko!

Goal #5 -- Say a sincere "Thank You"
to a different person each day.
This one is hard to track ... but that's just an excuse to keep me from having to say "I think I forgot this goal and so I doubt I've done it yet."  Better hop to it ...
Score = New Month, Time For New Thank You's

Goal #6 -- Live worthy of the Priesthood I hold EVERY day.
I am an honest person and I will tell you that I have not achieved this EVERY day (by my own accounts of what constitutes worthiness in my own mind).  I am proud to say that I can count on one hand the number of days where I didn't feel "worthy" and that is much better than last year.
Score = Read Some Scriptures and Pray More Dude!

Goal #7 -- Add body mass (preferably muscle)
and reach my target weight of 180 pounds.
I have gained about 5 pounds since the start of the year and I am fairly convinced that NONE of it is muscle mass.  That's why I said preferably in my goal!  :)
Score = On My Way!

Goal #8 -- Read at least 3 books
that I have never read before.
Already done!  And I have several more books in mind that I hope to read by the end of the year.  I have finished the following books so far:
 - The Five Love Languages
 - The Five Love Languages of Children
 - The One Minute Manager
On "the docket" are the following I hope to fit in during the rest of the year:
 - Freakonomics
 - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
 - And the whole list of books from Josh Jr's "Battle of the Books" competition.  I have to start prepping for Ben's turn in two years.  There's like 40 books!  :)
Score = Success !!!

Goal #9 -- Complete at least ONE "project"
with each of my six children.
Hmmm ... I did Ben's pinewood derby car with him ... and I think that's about it!  But this summer will provide lots of opportunities to go camping with Josh Jr, and do some coloring or painting with the two middle girls.  Brooklyn and I need to paint her room so that's just a matter of doing it!  Myra might be a hard one.
Score = 1 Down, 5 To Go

Goal #10 -- Attend the Denver LDS Temple
at least once per month.
So we went in January ... and then again in March ... so that's 50% successful.  In baseball I'd be making millions, but in school I'd be getting an "F" ... I always liked baseball better than school anyway!
Score = Batting .500  :)

Overall, I'd say I'm doing well for 33% through the year ... here's hoping this review will help me get the rest of these things done well before the end of the year!

How are YOUR goals progressing ?!



  1. Brilliant recap of your New Year's resolutions and your success rate! You're doing a heckuva lot better than I am with my goals this year!

  2. I loved Freakonomics...Kevin can help you do those 5K's... he's pretty hard to catch though. I have tried many times!

  3. Good job!

    I probably should peek at my goals. I haven't looked at them since I wrote them! But I do remember them... ...I think. ;)