Friday, May 13, 2011

What's up with the Double Standards ?!

Lately I've been having experiences in all areas of my life where people are setting, upholding, or just turning a blind eye to what I believe are double standards.  In my personal life, in my professional life, and in the experience shared below, I am finding that who you are, where you come from, your gender, your experience, your age, etc. seem to have some impact in the standards against which you are being measured.  I am hoping it is just something I'm experiencing and that it is just a temporary or rare occurrence, but I worry that this will continue as I see parallels in society at large nowadays.

Feel free to skip this story if you don't care about a stupid basketball experience I had recently.  Really, I'll never know so there's no risk here if you just jump ahead.  It's not a "trick" related to double standards.  You're good to go.  :)

This past Tuesday evening at basketball, one of the used-to-be-regular-players-but-has-only-been-coming-sporadically guys decided that, since we were only playing 4-on-4 on a full court, we needed to institute a "no fast breaking" rule.  In his mind I am certain the rule was intended to eliminate only "cherry picking" but his application of the rule required that no pass could be made over half-court and the ball had to be dribbled past that point before long passes toward the basket could be made.  I have a different name for this rule ... it's called the "Old, slow, lazy, fat-guy-who-doesn't-have-any-ability-to-run-and-hates-playing-defense" rule.  Or more personalized, the "Slow Josh Down" rule, as fast breaking is probably 80% of what little basketball game I still have at this age.

Anyway, after begrudgingly following that rule meticulously for nearly the full 2 hours of playing time, his teammate got a loose defensive rebound and he happened to be down at the other end of the course.  His teammate threw the ball 3/4 of the length of the court and he proceeded to put in an easy lay-up for 2 points.  As he ran back down the court smiling big and calling out the score of the game (now tied because of his awesome basket!) I challenged the play.  I asked if we were now allowing full-court passes and fast break points ... and he complained about it!  He started claiming that "There is a difference in what I just did and what you do."  And I said "Actually there are two.  First, I actually run on my plays.  And second, you don't see the value of that rule when you're the one who is scoring easy buckets."  One of his teammates then added fuel to the fire and told me to stop "whining."  Are you KIDDING ME ?!

Eventually, order was restored.  They took the points off and the ball back on their end of the court.  In true "basketball karma" form, they had a turnover and we scored a 3-pointer on our next possession.  But the eventual victory didn't taste as sweet because I knew this guy was still bothered by the fact that he had to be held accountable for his own stupid rule!

Anyway, moving on ... now that I've finished "whining" you can check out today's Progressive Shirt of the day.  I hope you like it ... :)

To be perfectly honest ...
I have NO IDEA when or why
I got this t-shirt.
But it looks good on me!  :)


  1. A) I get such a kick out of your basketball stories - I'm pleased that you stood your ground and insisted that the rule (however stupid it was in the first place) be honored!

    B) Nice looking shirt there! Yes, it DOES look good on you!

  2. I totally see this trend in society as well.

    As for the rule change, personally I see no problem with it only because I am also out-of-shape and then I play for fun and I sure I would drive you absolutely nuts if I played with you. But I do think you are the better and bigger (but I guess not as fat right?) man for playing at his level. And he was totally in the wrong and I am glad he got to get his karma and eat it too.