Monday, May 16, 2011

Need A Pencil ?

These are the pencils I sharpened
... just today ...
I'm looking forward to summertime and the kids being out of school for many reasons, but one of the most oddball reasons is this:  I am sooooo tired of sharpening pencils!

Our "fancy" pencil sharpener
We bought an electric pencil sharpener sometime last year to help us keep up, but with 5 kids in school (and 3 of them needing pencils for homework virtually every day) we nalways seem to be running out of properly sharpened pencils.

I personally have spent 20-30 minutes sharpening pencils with the electric sharpener at least 3 times ... since January!

Today was the last day I'll have to sharpen them for at least 3 months ... and I remember when it used to be cool and fun and exciting and a priviledge to sharpen pencils with an electric sharpener.  Now it just feels like WORK!  :)

And here's another Progressive shirt o' mine:

This is another shirt I bought for my team.
In fact, I think this was the first shirt
I ever bought for a team when I became
a Supervisor @ Progressive.
Ahhh, memories!  :)


  1. And this is why I stick with the mechanical pencils - you don't have to sharpen them, just replace them when they run out of lead!

  2. We are in dire need of a new electric pencil sharpener. The one we have bites! What one do you have? And where did those spectacles come from?