Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it still the thought that counts ?

You may have noticed the absence of my blogs from cyberspace ... okay, probably not.  Things have been busy in the old Case household (except we're probably the "young" or "middle-aged" Case household since my parents are in town and have us by some 30 years).

Anyway, Saturday was a frustrating day because everything I tried to do seemed to blow up in my face.  That disappointment over and over again made me think about the adage "it's the thought that counts."  I sure hope so, because the actions sure didn't count for anything very good.

Here's a summary of my most notable "failures" of that day:
 - I found out the gift I got for Karen from the kids for Mother's Day was not something Karen was actually excited to be getting.  Not her fault ... just wished I had known beforehand so she could have been really happy about her gift(s) instead of just being happy to be nice.
 - I attempted to "joke" with some of my "buddies" in the Tenor section at Stake Choir practice, but I think they actually took offense at my humor.  Sigh.
 - I asked a peer for his input on something at work and basically had to listen to him critique me for 30 minutes on things I didn't ask about.  I got very upset and almost walked away but decided better of just waiting for him to finish so I could leave calmly and get back to work.
 - I searched at three different stores for a gift I had planned to get Karen for Mother's Day (two of which had said on-line they had it in stock). None of them had it. Grrrr.
 - I had to go to two different stores to find suitable roses worthy of my beautiful wife, for Mother's Day.
 - I was unable to blog one single time, despite many attempts to do so and many really good blog post ideas (all of which have left my brain by now!)

But in a spirit of moving on ... here's my Progressive shirt of the day ... and I really like this one!

I got this shirt from my younger brother
Jordan, who "donated" several shirts to me
when he "retired" from Progressive
to run his own Sears store.
I've always liked this one the best!
But it only has a little time left ...
the collar is beginning to fray.  :(


  1. You look very distinguished in that shirt!! Sorry that you had to deal with so many disappointments on Saturday!! Too bad we didn't get to ride to work together that day - you could have vented to me!!

  2. I hate days like that. Sorry it was such a rough one but I think you handled it very well.